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I have fallen miserably behind in keeping up with the blogs I follow, Sunday Snippets, and my email newsletters. I can either blog substantially or catch up on my reading; there’s just no time for both. I will therefore attempt to rectify my lack of good posting by sharing some of my favorite reading.

From the Catholic Education Resource Center: “Diversity, Dignity, and My Daughter” is one mom’s way of showing how interfaith relationships can help us stand up for what we believe in, even when we believe different things or the same thing for different reasons. She reflects in particular on modesty, Catholicism, and Islam in her relationship with her school-aged daughter, and her conclusion is profound.

From the WashPo: The aforementioned mom’s conclusion is echoed in this article by the founders of Altmuslimah and Altcatholicah, both online magazines for their respective traditions. They note that, at CUA, which is already in the spotlight for returning to single-sex dorms, students who seek a counterculturally conservative lifestyle are finding a welcoming home. Good for CUA!

From The Australian: A news article about the upcoming changes in the Mass translation that isn’t a dire warning of impending doom! Wonder of wonders! This is the best article I’ve seen so far, because it balances the bias of the JPII generation (which I admit to having) with the opinions of the older generation. I wonder why no one else thought to ask someone who experienced the last set of language changes, so to speak. I, for one, am ready to just get the switch over with already. I’m tired of talking; let’s just do it!

From Our Sunday Visitor: Two great lists of words every catechist and every Catholic should know. I would conflate the lists and say they’re all things every Catholic should know, especially the sections on sex, Sunday Mass, angels, and doctrine versus discipline. They’d also be useful for journalists who write about Catholicism. Between writing about the Catholic Church and writing about Harry Potter, it seems like no one has decent fact-checking.

From the Diocese of San Jose: Continuing in the vein of new Mass translation talk, I have heard people complain about “and with your spirit” and “consubstantial” so much that I’m sick of it. What everyone except this author seems to have missed is that the memorial acclamation “Christ has died” is disappearing. It was an American innovation that we were allowed to keep, and it has no Latin equivalent, so it’s gone. A priest friend of mine pointed out that it’s the only memorial acclamation that isn’t addressed to Christ. The article does seem to carry the point of others that the term for this response is being changed to “the mystery of faith.” I disagree, finding no term for that section in the USCCB’s documentation. I could be wrong, but I think I’m right.

Hmm. I swear I haven’t been living entirely in my Catholic bubble for the last month, but it did flex its way into a lot of my reading, didn’t it?

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