Year in Review: 2011

This is a little later (and much longer) than I’d hoped it would be, but it is better late than never, and it helps me realize that I had a busy and awesome year.

January: I rang in the new year at home with my whole family. I was disappointed not to have more exciting plans, but my family can be cool sometimes. Sometimes. And I got to meet up with one of my oldest friends on New Year’s Day. I attended the Catholic Campus Ministry Association Convention in Florida, where I made some good connections. I attended Texas Catholic Pro-Life Day (which I will sadly miss this year, but not too sadly because I’ll be at a wedding!) with my students here in Austin. I started posting here more often, though I didn’t pledge to post every day. I added a mobile version of my blog and opened up comment subscriptions, hoping to pull in more traffic.

February: I took the Jeopardy! online test for about the fourth time. (The fifth time was tonight.) I led a retreat for the students from the mission trip. It didn’t go as planned, but I had a great time getting to know them better and helping them get to know one another. I saw The Spazmatics downtown, which was totally awesome. Here on the blog, I reviewed Switchfoot’s EP Eastern Hymns for Western Shores (which is currently back in my CD player; I’m so old school).

March: I got even more involved with RCIA than I had been in fall 2010. It was finally time to really start talking about the revised Mass translation. I attended my second Longhorn Awakening, this time with a clue, and the interfaith council’s ecumenical Ash Wednesday service on campus. I gave blood again. A coworker got engaged and announced she’d be leaving us for Hawaii. I went to a karaoke bar. I led the mission trip. I started playing pub trivia.

April: I went to Dave & Buster’s for the first time, coming away with a souvenir shot glass after a spectacular moment at the Wheel of Fortune game and a crushing defeat at Deal or No Deal. I played Apples to Apples in a dive but also went to Alamo Drafthouse for the first time. Atmosphere: fabulous. 3-D movies: still not for me. I attempted to coordinate a hugely unpopular retreat (it just wasn’t popular this year, not in general). I did survive all of the crazy work surrounding Holy Week, though, and I got to see the people I’d worked with all year officially become fully-initiated Catholics. I went to a priest friend’s dissertation proposal defense and was hopelessly confused. I got involved with my new Catholic social group. I reached the 800-post milestone on my blog(s).

May: I went to a benefit dinner for Annunciation Maternity Home. Our A/C at work started to die, and I lost another coworker very suddenly (he didn’t die; he just got another job). I was invited to join the ACNM crew. I saw Love’s Labour’s Lost at Zilker Park after being unfortunately rained out on the first try.

June: I attended the Frank J. Lewis Institute for new campus ministers. It was like summer camp for campus ministers: so fun. I joined my current pub quiz team. I attempted to roller-skate for what I’m pretty sure will be the last time ever. My parents came to visit and I got to go on the Tower Tour. My post on the new Catholic myths remains unexpectedly popular.

THIS is what I wanted to see. (fan illustration by Marta)

July: I discovered a fantastic hairstylist outside of town, and I took classes at the diocese to learn more about what I’m supposed to teach (and know) regarding chastity and the Theology of the Body. I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as a double-feature (the only way) in the theater and Footloose (back at Zilker) as theater. I renamed my blog and bought this domain. I got very excited over the new Switchfoot music from Vice Verses. I read Bumped and loved it to pieces.

August: I went on a retreat all for myself. I attended my only meeting of the FYA Book Club so far, even though I didn’t like the book and eventually gave it away through Goodreads. I officially reached my first work anniversary ever and celebrated with a visit from Sarah! Then it was my birthday.

September: Work got very busy, especially/although I knew more of what I was doing this time around. I managed to have a friend date and get more involved with our sorority, though, and I set up our lecture series. Two college acquaintances became Dominicans for life.

This was probably the best idea of my entire life.

October: I renewed my passport in anticipation of this year’s mission trip. I met Jon Foreman of Switchfoot fame and pure awesomeness. I went to Awakening again, this time totally getting it, but also wistful because I had to miss that coworker’s wedding. I opened up about my relationship with tithing.

November: I spent Thanksgiving here by myself, which was less than ideal but a good time for a cooking adventure. Because I love the Holy Souls in Purgatory, I blogged about them and plenary indulgences. Sometimes I can be timely.

December: I started out with a friend’s First Annual 29th Birthday Party and the 80s dance party that followed. I gave blood again, a bit more successfully because I tried to hydrate. I had to rail a little bit on the reactions to the revised translation. I ate tons of food at work-related events and slightly less while home with my family for Christmas. I ended the year eager to begin 2012. I’m excited to see what it will bring.

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