7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol. 165

The Friday Five continues to be tardy despite adding several new mods to the mix. It’s been a while; maybe they’re just not quite up to the challenge. I have my next review for ACNM due Tuesday, so I know what the deadline crunch is like, but then again, I don’t post a meme.

And so, I am hopping on board with 7 Quick Takes again.

— 1 —

Earlier this evening, I was holding both a Coke Zero and a card in my right hand and balancing my purse on that arm and a duffel bag on that shoulder. I turned my hand to look at the card and spilled soda all down my front. I have to go to work in these clothes shortly, so any student who didn’t already know I was a klutz will soon have proof.

— 2 —

QT 1, the sequel: I neglected to mention that, immediately after the spill, I dabbed the soda stains with a wet tissue. That always makes the wet spot wetter at first, but then it all dries away. Problem solved, and my students are none the wiser.

— 3 —

I went to confession last Sayturday. I always go to the parish closest to me so I don’t have the awkward experience of confessing to one of my bosses or diocesan colleagues. I value the option of anonymity. We Catholics admittedly don’t have a lot of choices, but that’s one of them, and I choose to hide, darnit! It had been a few months, but of course I felt a million times better. I have scheduled my next trip on my calendar already. We’ll see if I keep that appointment.

— 4 —

Tuesday was the day most people call Valentine’s Day. Technically, I do, too, but I won’t let people try to call it Saint Valentine’s Day. All we know about St. Valentine is that he was a martyr; the letter signed “your Valentine” is a legend. That day is officially St. Cyril and Methodius Day. St. Cyril invented the Cyrillic alphabet, which became modern Russian, so I feel like he ought to get his due credit on February 14. If you want to celebrate romantic love or all kinds of love on Valentine’s Day, by all means, go ahead, but don’t try to pretend it’s a religious observance. It hasn’t been for a long time.

— 5 —

I learned this week that there is a Mexican tradition at wedding receptions of forming a long tunnel of couples down which the others then dance. I couldn’t understand until I realized that it’s just a Mexican Soul Train line.

— 6 —

In that same lunch coversation, I also first heard of the anniversary dance, which sounds lovely and eliminates the single lady mêlée of the standard bouquet toss.

— 7 —

Lent is next week! Wasn’t it just Christmas like, last week? This year, it falls on my dad’s birthday. He mentioned this to me while I was home for Christmas, which I thought was hopeful because maybe it means my family actually does go to church when I’m not home. It’s not a guarantee, but even a little hope is better than none.

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