7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol. 162

Okay, now I’m really confused, because this is one number lower than last week’s. Oh, well.

— 1 —

I gave blood yesterday evening. It was one of my most difficult donations yet; the phlebotomists had to stick me in both arms, and I was completely wiped after I got home. They were right: I did sleep well. I will be out of the country soon, so I’ll be ineligible for a whole year, which will hopefully give me time to figure out how to become a better donor. (They suggested something about hydrating.) In the meantime, I will just rock a “Don’t be chicken; give blood” t-shirt as often as possible. If I can do it, so can you!

— 2 —

Today was my first full day without having to go to work in any form in a solid month. It was so liberating. I did my hair, cleaned my apartment, and caught up on DVR’d Degrassi. What a good day.

— 3 —

On Sunday, I attended the Rite of Election with most of this year’s RCIA class. I didn’t go when my dad was converting (seven years ago, which is not a coincidence), so it was my first time ever. I stumbled over one of the words as I was introducing our catechumens, but I also learned the fun fact that Bishop Joe is left-handed. I’ve seen things he has signed, but I’ve never actually seen him signing anything, so that was neat. (He also came up in my Rosary for the Bishop today.)

— 4 —

I have a bad habit of reading or seeing something and thinking, “I should blog about that,” but never actually doing it. As I mentioned last week, I have been reading The Little Black Book every morning. This morning, the fun fact on the left-hand page was about First Fridays for Food Security. Since I already abstain from meat every Friday, I’d thought about doing that fast in December as an Advent sacrifice. (My first FOCUS Bible study leader gave up chocolate for Advent; I’ve never heard of such a thing before or since, but perhaps I’ll try it one of these years.) And then, like with my “to blog” Gmail label, I didn’t do it. According to the USDA tables (PDF), I would get $5.04 per day. Yikes. Maybe I should go for it anyway.

— 5 —

Remember Hey Girl Catholic Ryan Gosling? He’s ba-ack!

This girl's always crazy for a sharp-dressed man. Sigh.

— 6 —

And he has a friend: Hey Girl Vintage Ryan Gosling!

Amen to that. I need to get you together with Mr. Three-Piece Suit.

Yep; it’ll just be six takes this week. I’m still getting into the swing of things with this meme. I did much better with my Top Ten Tuesday this week, though.

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One of my “vampires” has explained why hydration helps — your veins are harder to find if you’re not hydrated which is why they advise having some water before doing blood work.

    That makes sense. I also have veins about the same size as the needle they use, so it’s hard to get in to begin with, and then I feel every adjustment like an alley cat clawing at my arm. (That’s actually the “vampire’s” comparison, not mine!)

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