7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol. 171

Aha! I knew that last one was incorrectly numbered. A victory with numbers? For me? Inconceivable!

— 1 —

I have a skin condition that makes modesty not only desirable but also necessary. Although it is convenient that the arrival of this condition dovetailed with my modest conversion, it is inconvenient that it makes my pursuit of modesty much more troublesome.

Enter the world of shells. How did I not know there’s a small but mighty market for exactly the style of undershirt I’ve been seeking? I enjoy wearing cap sleeves as a happy medium between Jewish-style tzniut modesty and the bare shoulders I don’t feel comfortable with at church (which is almost every day of my life). The tricky part is that a lot of my undershirts have cap sleeves, so the layering looks ridiculous, and trying to safety-pin short or cap sleeves into submission is so uncomfortable.

Click for product page.

Earlier this week, I ordered three sleeveless shells from Funky Frum, like the one pictured above. I just got them yesterday, and I’m reasonably sure I’ve never been so excited to try on clothes before, especially not ones I had to order online. They’re exactly what I’ve been looking for: a crew neck without sleeves. If only I’d known sooner that I just needed to dress like an observant Jew.

— 2 —

I think I mentioned that I’m preparing to work with marriage preparation at work. I read a new book about marriage preparation last week and reviewed it here. I think I’ve just been single for so long that I’m getting jaded. I don’t know if I would want me as a FOCCUS facilitator if I were getting married. People have enough trouble with celibate priests for marriage prep. At least they have experience with successful discernment and commitment. I don’t.

— 3 —

I found another good Catholic tumblr series, Catholic Problems!

I'm pretty sure I did this one at work on Thursday.

— 4 —

I seem to struggle with finding all seven Quick Takes from week to week, so I’m going to post another Catholic problem and call it two.

Sometimes I wear heels to work. I'm already 5'8" without them.

— 5 —

I am always late for my holy hour. This week, however, I managed not to try to get up in the middle of a REM cycle, so I was relatively alert throughout the hour. It’s amazing what a bit of energy directed at getting up on time and going to bed on time can do. I’ve been putting in the effort since Holy Week, and I feel better overall. Imagine that.

— 6 —

I plan to have a new template up for my blog at least by my tenth blogging anniversary (I know!) this August. In my quest for design tips, I stumbled across a link to Cupcake Ipsum, and my day was frosted with a little extra joy. (See what I did there?)

For those of you who aren’t into design, “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” are the first few Latin-sounding words of dummy text that designers sometimes use. The words don’t mean anything, so you couldn’t read them if you tried. Since you can’t read the words, you have to focus on their shape, their typeface, their size—everything but their meaning. Cupcake Ipsum generates dummy text that includes delicious filler words like “cookie” and “lemon drops” and “gingerbread.” I don’t remember who tipped me off, but thanks, whoever you are!

— 7 —

In the course of catching up on my life since Lent, I skimmed the last month or so of posts at Land of Broken Hearts and realized that Switchfoot released Vice Re-Verses already! So that’ll be a good music review coming soon, along with my reviews of October Baby and The Hunger Games movie. I still suffer from “I Should Blog about That” syndrome. My summer freedom should be a good treatment for that.

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I am so happy I found your blog! (Quick Takes is great for that). I think I may be purchasing some of those Funky Frum shells soon! Especially since they’re on sale right now. They look like a good, modest option for summer layering :)

    Lauren, they are great for summer layering. I wore one with a sleeveless dress to dinner with friends, and it was perfect: it covered the too-low front, but left my shoulders free (since I don’t mind bare shoulders as much outside of church). I’m glad you stopped by!

This is great, Lindsay! I can’t believe you and I are on the exact same wavelength this week! The bulk of my post this week is about different aspects of tzniut dressing here in Jerusalem. What a wonderful coincidence that we both currently have this topic on the brain– you’re embracing it exactly while I’m trying to make sense of it. I was also laughing because, from what I can tell, most observant Jewish women would not be caught dead in cap sleeves! You should check out my post because at one point I also mention a shirt I would like to buy but refrained from buying because of its bad grammar. I thought you’d find that amusing. :)


Enjoy! :) I really hope we get the chance to catch up in Austin later this month!

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