Booking Through Thursday: Live In

I am writing this from Zilker Hillside Theatre, which is not as cool a long-distance postinglocation as Nicaragua, but perhaps a distant coolness cousin.

abookandashortlatte1 asks:

If you had to choose to live within a novel, which would it be?

Hmm. I read a lot I realistic fiction (and nonfiction for my ACNM column), so it’s hard to think of anything really cool. My first response (to this and many BTTs) is to say Harry Potter. At least, I’d like to live in the magical side. England was really overcast in general when I visited in middle school; I need some sun in my life. I’ve never been to Scotland, and living in a city like this has made me miss widespread greenery (she says, sitting in an urban park), so that could be nice.

I suppose my favorite thing about HP is that it happens alongside the regular world (or rather, diagonally/ Diagon Alley). If I could somehow have the wizarding world in my otherwise ordinary life, that might be best.

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