Top Ten Tuesday: Characters in Real Life

Last week was an epic blogging fail, so, here’s my Top Ten…Uh, Sunday?

Top Ten Characters Who Remind Me Of Myself Or Someone I Know In Real Life

  1. My camp counselor Nicole and Jane Bennet: I don’t think I’ve met anyone before or since that is just genuinely nice. I only knew her for that week I was at leadership camp back in high school, but she was so sweet. She was also engaged, though not to Mr. Bingley.
  2. My friend Jess’s mom and Mrs. Bennet: While I’m still on P&P, let’s go here. Jess was a year behind me in ACE. During her first year (my second), her mom pointed out to her that, when she was Jess’s age, she was already married and had given birth to Jess. Three years after that conversation, Jess is now married and expecting her first child in the fall. Sure, that’s rather different than trying to save your house and keep yourself and your five daughters out of poverty, but the pressure was still there.
  3. My old housemate Michael and Nick from Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist (as played by Michael Cera): That was a long identification, but it was critical at the time. We took a household outing to see Nick and Nora. As the movie began, Michael watched and said, “Hey, look, this kid lives in my house. Hey, he drives my old car. He listens to my music. This kid is me!” The rest of the movie was just mediocre, but I’ll never forget his reaction.
  4. Me and the teacher from The Wave: Don’t overreact; I didn’t accidentally start a neo-Nazi group. I tried more than once to overstretch my still-developing skills, though, and wound up in over my head. That’s in the past, though, and I’ve learned from it.
  5. [Edit] Me and Mary Ann Spier from the Baby-sitters Club: this should probably be one character per person, but I am a complex creature. Many people would probably want to associate me with bookish Mallory Pike, and Claudia Kishi was always my favorite, but I think I’m most like mary Ann. I’m generally quiet and I keep to myself a lot, but every now and then I suppose people. This is not by having a steady boyfriend in eighth grade (or now), though. So unfortunate.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll sleep on it, and maybe I can find a few more character matches in the morning. The tough thing about matching people to characters is fighting the inclination to pick characters that make you look good instead of the ones that make you look real. Am I right?

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