7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 183

— 1 —

I am so obsessed with the Target back-to-school commercials. School supplies and 80s music? An English teacher covering the Go-Gos? Yes, please!

— 2 —

Then comes the science teacher. Very apt choice of song to cover, by the way. (Edited to add: It’s “She Blinded Me with Science.”)

— 3 —

When the music teacher gets involved, things get pretty epic. It makes me want to buy denim and tell him what’s the word. Word up.

— 4 —

Then, ¡se tiene el mismo comerical en español!

He’s singing to “Blame It on the Boogie,” by the Jackson 5. Translated by me, he says “Hello, parents. I’m the music teacher, and with me, your children will get the best grades. [Lindsay’s note: Cute pun with “grades” in Spanish and “(musical) notes” in English.] For that, they will need: (enter music) They’ll need crayons! They’ll need scissors, snacks for lunch, and they’ll need some sweaters! T-shirts with designs, sneakers and socks, some pants, and the backpacks they like. (voiceover) School asks you for a lot. Target has it all.”

— 5 —

And, if that wasn’t enough, the Music Teacher gets to break it down a little more.

— 6 —

In non-Target commercial news, I had my first official FOCCUS facilitation session this week with the couple I’m preparing for marriage. It went very well. I asked what they thought of the (beginning of the) process after we finished our meeting, and they said it was more helpful than they’d expected. See? Not everything is just red tape; sometimes we’re just trying to help people make good decisions.

— 7 —

On Tuesday, my morality group had what I think was my favorite discussion so far. We discussed the situation with the Vatican investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women’s Religious and its moral implications. I managed to keep my cool and be civil and clear (I think). We raised some great issues related to the situation. I’m very interested in the actual result after the LCWR gathering this weekend. Remember, charity in all things!

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