Not So New Anymore (Review: “Brave New World”)

The artificial wombs of the future? (photo by Tomasso Masetti)

I have never had my heart broken by a book so quickly. I cried when I first read A Walk to Remember (hey, it’s romantic and sad!), and I was upset when Mockingjay was such a lame conclusion to the Hunger Games trilogy (I got sick of Katniss’s PTSD), but I don’t think any book has ever left me so sad and so worried about the future as Brave New World. As with The Screwtape Letters, Brave New World was on my list of books I ought to have read sooner. I’m glad I finally read it, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to read it again. My heart can only break so far.

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I started Brave New World once but never finished. Maybe I ought to.

    It starts very slowly. It picks up quickly enough that I wouldn’t say the whole book has a pacing problem, but when you’re expecting to meet your protagonist in the first chapter and then you don’t…and you still don’t…then you start to wonder. It’s like starting at page 1 of the Bible expecting to meet Jesus (like Jen Fulwiler).

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