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7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 220

— 1 —


A Lindsay original. I considered it my moral obligation to have a delicious bacon cheeseburger from Checkers for dinner.

— 2 —

Most unfortunately, I was only able to get a burger from Checkers because I had to make an emergency trip home for my grandfather’s funeral. His name was (is?) Bronsmore. He had colon cancer, but it was worse than he let on for a long time. He died peacefully. We would appreciate your prayers and good wishes, especially as my grandmother transitions into this new phase of her life.

— 3 —

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in 7QT. I was in the first of my many weddings this year. It was a very long drive to northeast Indiana, but I got to see my fantastic friend Sarah in the Chicago suburbs on the way, and I slept in king-size beds many times, which is always delightful. I also have my first Catholic wedding as a bridesmaid under my belt.

The bride, the groom, and most of the rest of the wedding party were competitive ballroom dancers, which made dancing time especially interesting. The men were valiantly attempting to lead their partners around the floor while the rest of us were just dancing crazy. I didn’t watch much of it (I tend to tear up dance floors all the time, especially at weddings), but it was an unusual twist.

— 4 —

In preparation for the wedding, I had my nails done for the first time ever.


Those are my real nails, by the way. No acrylic for me! I got French tips, which was an adventure. I also got a pedicure, which felt marvelous. I even managed not to laugh too much when the scrubber-thing tickled my foot. In a different kind of misfortune entirely, I got a little tired of the Celtic Woman DVD that was on loop.

— 5 —

I also got my hair done. It’s hard to see from the photo, but it started as two ponytails (vertical), which were then curled, looped around, and pinned down.

Kat's mom (mother of the bride) had the bobby pins. They're a little sparkly and a little pearly, just like my jewelry.

Kat’s mom (mother of the bride) had the bobby pins. They’re a little sparkly and a little pearly, just like my jewelry.

At some point, the stylist must have cut out the ponytail elastics, because I remember feeling them go in, but there were none when I took my hair down. I slept carefully so that it lasted through church the next day, and I was delighted to find that the curls were still bouncy by nightfall.

I did not catch the bouquet; I was just a bridesmaid who kept hers from the ceremony. I also did not take them to church. Awkward! Dress from Target, camisole from Old Navy, shoes from Payless.

I did not catch the bouquet; I was just a bridesmaid who kept hers from the ceremony. I also did not take them to church. Awkward!
Dress from Target, camisole from Old Navy, shoes from Payless.

— 6 —

Some of my church friends meet to play volleyball every week through the summer. I don’t play (any sports, ever), but I sit on a blanket to watch, and one time I brought a healthy snack (some grapes I thought might spoil before I finished them). This makes me the unofficial Team Mom. I think I am pleased.

— 7 —

When I was booking my last-minute flight home (God bless my parents for helping me out), I researched bereavement fares. I can attest that Delta really does require you to join their frequent flier program to even get a quote for bereavement fares. Needless to say, I did not fly Delta, and I was highly offended. Consider that the next time you fly.

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Booking Through Thursday: Choosing


Woo-hoo! Correct day and everything!

What makes you choose the books you read? Genre? Reviews? Certain authors? Covers? Recommendations?

Many of the books I read these days are the ones I’ve been meaning to get to for years. I am sometimes drawn in by a snazzy cover, but it takes a solid back-of-jacket blurb to get me to pick up something I hadn’t planned on reading.

I never read reviews. I tried following Forever Young Adult for a while (Austin shout-out!), and although the reviews were good, the pace was way too much to keep up with. I do take recommendations, though, especially from church friends and Goodreads friends (come be mine). I’m most likely to take a rec if it’s related to something I’ve already read. I’m not super adventurous with books. Or life.

Do you have any suggestions for what I should read?

Top Ten Tuesday: Insta-Read Topics

Top Ten Tuesday

It’s a “freebie” week over at TTT, so I get to choose any topic I want. Most of the reason I do so many memes is that I need a topic to write about, though, so I’m going to go with a topic I missed a few weeks ago.

Top Ten Topics That Will Make Me Pick Up a Book

  1. Teenagers with problems: I struggled working with them, but I love reading about them. There’s nothing quite like a good high school drama to suck me in.
  2. Catholicism: I read a lot of books about Catholicism, obviously. I can usually tell the snippy anti-Catholic sort from the legitimate ones. It ought to go without saying that I won’t go near Dan Brown with a ten-foot pole.
  3. Magical kids at a boarding school: That’s how I got into Harry Potter in the first place. Before that, I had read the Chrestomanci Quartet* by Dianna Wynne Jones, starting with Witch Week, which has exactly that premise. As I recall, Chrestomanci got a bit more sinister more quickly, though.
  4. Future world gone wrong: I’m a sucker for a good dystopia, especially when it also involves teenagers with problems (see #1) or Catholicism (see A Canticle for Leibowitz).
  5. Alice McKinley: I’m glad I finished the Alice series as published so far, because I like finishing things, but I’m also glad that it’s almost over. It tried to be timeless but was dated, and then it modernized, dating itself in modern times. There’s no winning.
  6. Fearless: See #5, except that instead of it being dated and my outgrowing the series, I just outgrew it.
  7. The original book for a movie I enjoyed: The Princess Diaries (another series I haven’t finished!) is my prime example for a book adaptation that is very different from the movie even though both are delightful. In general, books are better than movies, but they’re such different storytelling mediums that it’s not completely fair to compare.

*Now that I’ve gone to Goodreads for the link to the series, I see that there are two more books! My to-read list grows!

What are your book triggers?

What I Wore Sunday, Vol. 33

What I Wore Sunday

I almost forgot to take my photos this week! My shoes were already off, but they’re so much more comfortable than my other white shoes that I could bring myself to slip them back on. It also helped that I didn’t have to wear them for five hours like I always did at work.

Blouse from Old Navy. Grey shell from Funky Frum. Skirt from Old Navy. Shoes from Payless.

Blouse from Old Navy. Grey shell from Funky Frum. Skirt from Old Navy. Shoes from Payless.

I also wore a very simple thin white headband that I don’t think I was wearing anymore in the photo. Oh, well. You may remember my sheer delight at purchasing shells from Funky Frum. I think the company is unfortunately going out of business, but I love those shells, although I think the white one I would usually wear with this outfit is a better color match.

Blouse detail.

Blouse detail.

Skirt detail. The outer shell is lace, but there is an opaque inner lining.

Skirt detail. The outer shell is lace, but there is an opaque inner lining.

The blouse and skirt are from years and years ago. I like that the blouse is sheer, so it’s meant to be layered (I hope!), and it goes so well with the skirt, which was perfect for today’s wretched heat. My shoes are new ones I got for the wedding I was in last weekend. I forgot to get a close-up, but they will definitely be making a comeback with other outfits this summer.

I celebrated Corpus Christi by getting up for (read: getting moving enough to be mostly finished with breakfast by) the EWTN broadcast of Pope Francis’s worldwide holy hour. I didn’t see a ton of publicity about that, and I heard nothing from the diocese, so I thought the announcer’s insistence that the whole world was definitely participating was a little presumptuous. I was glad that I stumbled across the announcement, though, and that I checked the time difference with Rome and found it so convenient for my new schedule. I even sang along with “Tantum Ergo” and the Divine Praises (the latter in English, though; my Latin doesn’t go quite that far!), and I felt so happy to be united with such a special event. I’m usually not much for watching events televised from Rome. Maybe I should change that.

It was great to start off my day, particularly a Sunday, by spending time in prayer and worship, even from afar. “Participating” in the holy hour made Mass this evening seem like a capstone to my Sunday. I was less worried than usual that I would accidentally forget to go to Mass and have wasted my whole Sunday. I might be on to something there, come to think of it.

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