Booking Through Thursday: Patriotism


Today is one of those days when I can tell which of my memes are based in the U.S. and which aren’t. I play a photo meme hosted by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim, and as she lives in Australia, all of her recent photos have been of winter. Today’s theme is “red, white, and/or blue,” though, which seems appropriately international, although still U.S.-leaning (America!).

Do you ever read books that could be considered patriotic? Rousing stories of heroes? History? Brave countrymen & women doing bold things? What would you recommend if somebody asked you for something patriotic–no matter what your country?

I read a couple of Dear America books when I was in middle school, and I read some American Girls books before the series got too huge for me. I think I quit those around Josefina. They were good at the time, but then that time ended.

I also read All-American Girl, but as much as I like Meg Cabot, I didn’t like that book quite enough for its sequel. It’s got a very patriotic cover, though, that I owned in hardcover (which was as big a deal then as it is for my book-purchasing habits now):

Photo courtesy of Goodreads and Harper Teen.

Photo courtesy of Goodreads and Harper Teen.

I’ve never been into actual history books, though, so that’s about as far as it’s gonna go for me.

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