I would like to think that my 7 Quick Takes Friday posts give a decent update on my life, but those are pretty long for you all to read. We don’t all have that kind of time. Enter the tl;dr post.


“tl;dr” is a lowercase acronym for “too long; didn’t read.” It started as a snarky way to reply to someone’s message board post by saying it wasn’t worth your time to read the whole thing, so you didn’t bother. These days, I only ever see it used ironically. Someone will write a long, detailed post and then add a summary labeled “tl;dr.”

When I was wandering around the Internet last week, I came across a post at Call Her Happy literally titled “tl;dr.” It’s a “Cliff’s Notes version” of the life of a blogger. You might not always have time to read whole posts, so it’s a gift to you and your limited time. Hooray, presents!

Here’s my tl;dr as of late:

  • I used to be a teacher, and then I was a campus minister. Now I’m in construction administration, and I was recently promoted!
  • I switched to an alternating content schedule of book reviews and article responses at Austin CNM. Best idea I’ve had in ages!
  • One of my roommates got married, so we found another, who happens to work in youth ministry.
  • My little brother just graduated from high school back home in Maryland and is off to play D-II football at Gannon University in the fall.
  • I was invited onto the leadership team of my Catholic young adult group, which is an honor and takes more time than I anticipated.
  • After giving up on my last budget ages ago, I am back on the budgeting bandwagon thanks to You Need a Budget.
  • I am single and available, if you happen to know any good men in Austin who love Jesus, don’t smoke cigarettes, are tall, and appreciate education. ;)

I’m linking up with Jenna and other time-pressed bloggers. Check it out and post your own!


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I’ll tell you what:

If I were a single guy, I’d date you! That’s a decent list to say the least ;) Thanks for linking up with me xxoo

I’m loving this linkup just as a way to easily get to know NEW bloggers, like YOU! I am also from Maryland – Annapolis area. What part are you from? Aaaand I’ve been to Gannon – cool little area. Congrats to your bro!

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