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I would like to think that my 7 Quick Takes Friday posts give a decent update on my life, but those are pretty long for you all to read. We don’t all have that kind of time. Enter the tl;dr post.


“tl;dr” is a lowercase acronym for “too long; didn’t read.” It started as a snarky way to reply to someone’s message board post by saying it wasn’t worth your time to read the whole thing, so you didn’t bother. These days, I only ever see it used ironically. Someone will write a long, detailed post and then add a summary labeled “tl;dr.”

When I was wandering around the Internet last week, I came across a post at Call Her Happy literally titled “tl;dr.” It’s a “Cliff’s Notes version” of the life of a blogger. You might not always have time to read whole posts, so it’s a gift to you and your limited time. Hooray, presents!

Here’s my tl;dr as of late:

  • I used to be a teacher, and then I was a campus minister. Now I’m in construction administration, and I was recently promoted!
  • I switched to an alternating content schedule of book reviews and article responses at Austin CNM. Best idea I’ve had in ages!
  • One of my roommates got married, so we found another, who happens to work in youth ministry.
  • My little brother just graduated from high school back home in Maryland and is off to play D-II football at Gannon University in the fall.
  • I was invited onto the leadership team of my Catholic young adult group, which is an honor and takes more time than I anticipated.
  • After giving up on my last budget ages ago, I am back on the budgeting bandwagon thanks to You Need a Budget.
  • I am single and available, if you happen to know any good men in Austin who love Jesus, don’t smoke cigarettes, are tall, and appreciate education. ;)

I’m linking up with Jenna and other time-pressed bloggers. Check it out and post your own!

What I Wore Sunday, Vol. 86


I’m pretty bummed that I missed last week’s post. I had my photos all ready to go, but then I needed to go to bed, so that fashion show had to wait until this week.

Wait no longer, dear readers!



At least the details are clear, right?

Dress: Target
Shirt: Old Navy
Belt: Target
Scarf: gift
Shoes: Old Navy

I think I’ve only ever worn this dress as a dress to church. It can also be worn as a maxi skirt. I wasn’t wearing it for very long on Sunday, so I actually re-wore it as a skirt on Monday (for Skirt Day Monday). I wore this same outfit combo back in January; it’s my current profile photo. That wasn’t blurry. Any tips for taking clear full-length mirror selfies (besides “get someone else to take it”)?

I don’t remember much about last week’s homily, unfortunately. There were no awkward laypeople arm-outstretched blessings, though.

I always pre-read for Mass while I air dry my hair. My lector workbook usually has lame commentary and opinionated “tips” for proclaiming, but there was a gem last week:

While the Greek word for “advocate” is a legal term that means “comforter “and “consoler, ” John’s use of the word packs more punch. The Paraclete is a teacher, but in John, the Paraclete is more prosecutor than defense attorney, giving witness to Christ and indicting the world for its lack of faith.

That’s powerful. In today’s Mass, our parish “liturgist” skipped the Pentecost Sequence entirely, and the only word I didn’t hear applied to the gifts of the Spirit was “courage,” but that was mitigated because we got a stellar homily!

Outfit first.


Top: Target
Skirt: Old Navy (super old)
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Target

Continuing the theme of outfit remixing, you may remember this one from Palm Sunday. This brings a nice sense of continuity to the season and caps off my novena (for which I successfully prayed all nine days). The white skirt adds a happy tone to the outfit. I forgot to take a shoe close-up this week, but they’re the same ones I wore for Easter Sunday.

Back to that homily. Wow! I was already in a good mood after being called in to lector the first reading. I was not scheduled, but the friend that was scheduled needed a sub, so I accepted that my buddy the Holy Spirit was calling me up to the big leagues. The key to pronouncing all of those place names is to pick a way to say it and say it like you mean it. Most people won’t know the difference.

Then I got one of the best homilies I’ve ever heard our pastor give. He recapped the first reading I’d done from Acts and tied in the Old Testament celebration of Pentecost (although he left out the part about the fifty-year jubilee and forgiveness of debts). He tied the coming of the Holy Spirit to Confirmation and Baptism. There was even a shout-out to the gifts of the Spirit and the impulse the Spirit gives us to proclaim Christ to the world (and make disciples, Monsignor, and make disciples). I hope all his homilies for the next few weeks until his retirement are on point like that! Thanks to him and the Holy Spirit for a great one!

I’m a little sad that Easter is over now. We finally polished off the last few pastel-wrapped Reese’s, and I guess I can go back to praying the Angelus, but it’s just not the same. I need a better Easter plan next year. I’ve only got ten months to get ready!

7 Quick Takes on Minimalist Fashion, Friends Who Are Priests, and Dinnertime Grace

— 1 —

It has taken me so long to write this post that I am finishing it in time to post in a typical time frame. I think most of the other 7QT participants write their posts on Thursdays and schedule (or draft them) for Fridays. I’ve always written them on Friday… or Saturday… or Monday. Am I turning over a new leaf? Time will tell.

Delays have their perks, though, such as when I discovered the Minimalist Fashion series at Fine Linen and Purple. That Carolynne has exactly the right idea! I made a commitment to get rid of clothes on a regular basis a long time ago, and I feel much more free and better-dressed. Do check out the series.

— 2 —

I have one tip beyond Carolynne’s, though. If you’re unsure about an item, give yourself some time to consider it. If it’s an item you’re thinking of purging, put it in a section of your closet or home that is accessible but not easily so. (Mine is just the closet shelf, out of sight.) If you want it enough to get it within about a month, you can have it back. If you don’t, donate or sell it.

If you’re unsure about whether you should buy something, take advantage of the store’s return policy (if you have room in your clothes budget). I just returned a skirt to Old Navy on Saturday that I bought in March. They have a 90-day return policy, and I had never worn it (adorable, but too small), so back to the store it went and back went the money in my budget. Win!


Olivia Frescura in the skirt I returned.

— 3 —

I met some incredible people in campus ministry back when I was a student. Two weeks ago, two of them were ordained into the priesthood for the Dominican Order, and in three more weeks, two more will be ordained for the Archdiocese of Washington! It’s a little trippy to think that men I knew as ordinary laypeople now carry out the ministry of Jesus on Earth. Calling a friend “father” just seems so odd, but it’s so right.

Fr. Peter Martyr (whom I first knew as Patrick) gave an interview for Catholic News Service that was nicely incorporated into this video. My other friend, Fr. Leo, is the tall blonde guy. (Can I call a priest “guy”?)

— 4 —

Right before Memorial Day, I was checking my financial records when I realized I was facing a scary situation. Money has been tight for me since before I quit my old job. I had a brief reprieve when I got a raise right after Christmas (and gift cards for Christmas), but I haven’t made any significant improvements. Glancing at my bank account balance, my list of bills, and the calendar, I realized that if my first-of-the-month bills were automatically withdrawn before my end-of-the-month paycheck was directly deposited, I would probably overdraft.

That scared me straight. So now I have a budget.

The program I’ve adopted is literally called You Need a Budget (YNAB). I think I’ve heard of it before, but a ringing endorsement on the FOCUS blog reminded me. I started the 34-day free trial, took a couple of free live webinars, and put the system into practice.

I’m sold. I tried to budget in college, but I got so frustrated with my Excel spreadsheet that I gave up and have just watched my account balances since then. That’s not a budget. I need a budget. It’s too soon to tell how much of an effect YNAB will have, but I feel positive about it.

The bittersweet irony is that I love the method and I can see that it will be useful, but my budget is telling me that maybe I can’t afford to pay for the budget software right now. So cruel! I’m holding out hope that I will come across a sale before my trial ends. (They do incredible deals throughout the year, but I missed the last one.) Is that something I can pray for?

— 5 —

Last Saturday, I had a subset of friends from my young adult group over for dinner. It was delightful. I made my signature dish (I call it Pasta Lindsay), and we sat and talked for several hours over some of the best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted.

When I was in grad school, my roommates and I ate dinner together, gathered around the table for a home-cooked meal, at least five nights a week. That was much higher than the norm, but it was so important to us that we made time for it in our crazy lives. Experiencing that made me realize how much I miss those days with my family and how much I want to prioritize that in my future family.

That dinner with friends was an incredible experience of community. There was so much grace floating around. I’m committed to keeping that spirit alive. Who wants to come over for dinner? ;)

— 6 —

The wedding that I was preparing for in my last 7QT was lovely. I managed to say “Hark, my lover, here he comes!” without laughing or crying, so it was basically downhill from there, at least for me. My other roommate (the one not getting married) sang like an angel, the bridal party took photos against the city skyline, and we danced the night away.

I even managed to defuse an awkward conversation along the lines of whether a previously-and-still married couple was expecting a baby. And a few weeks later, that turned out to be true! Everyone wins!

If 2013 was the Year of Many Weddings, I think I’m looking at 2014 as the Year of Many Babies. I should have seen that one coming.

— 7 —

It’s almost the weekend! I thought it would never get here. It is also almost Pentecost, which I adore because of my sweet relationship with the Holy Spirit. He even called me to lector the first reading. I wasn’t in the original schedule, which is randomized. A friend needed a sub. I waited a few days to see if I was really called to do that particular reading, and it appears that I am.

God is so good. I hope your week(end) is equally good.

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