tl;dr September 2014


I have not posted much this month. As I said in my (belated) 7QT yesterday, I am working on posting more often. This is an example of such a post. (It helps that this is supposed to be short anyway.)

  • I filled in at accounts payable for two weeks in addition to doing my regular job, and I will never do that again.
  • My brother (who is on his college football team) got redshirted. He’s bummed, but I am optimistic. Since he’s smart enough to get a degree without football, he can work on the degree first and focus on football later. Win-win!
  • My birthday was better than I expected.
  • I’m still single.
  • My Psalms Bible study ended, but since I missed two weeks for happy hour, I arranged to catch up on my own.
  • I found a new hairstylist. I love her!
  • My church young adult group is disbanding. More on that later.

My last tl;dr was just a few weeks ago, so that’s what’s really new. How about you?

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I’m excited your brother got redshirted, too! I knew a bunch of football players in college who actually ended up getting masters degrees because they got redshirted and needed something to do that fifth year after they’d fulfilled all their requirements! Might as well take advantage of the free education :)

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