7 Quick Takes on Rain, Twitter, and Well-Balanced Reporting

— 1 —

We had some rain here in Austin. This is not a town where it rains often (or even a regular amount), so people forget how to drive and how to dress. I emerged from HEB with my waterproof coat and umbrella on Saturday only to spot a miserable-looking middle-aged woman in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops. That is not how we respond to rain. This is how:

(Yes, that’s me that he retweeted!)

— 2 —

In other exciting Twitter news comes this gem:

Back in college, some friends and I were inspired by Wendy Shalit‘s Girls Gone Mild (now in paperback as The Good Girl Revolution) to write an editorial about mdoesty for our campus newspaper. My name went into the byline, and Wendy herself found me and friended me on Facebook. These days, she found my review of her earlier book, A Return to Modesty, and tweeted my image!

So yes, Maura (my college roommate), I do feel famous!

— 3 —

Enough tweets. It’s been a while since I rounded up 7 quick takes. My luau birthday party was delightful. It appears that scheduling it before the start of football season last year was critical to attendance. Many people I thought would come either never showed or came after their game finished. I kind of liked the staggered arrivals, because it kept the party going at a nice manageable pace rather than our usual flood of people mid-party, but I also missed the house-filling throng. Lessons learned for the spring.

— 4 —

I promised more about my young adult group disbanding, and then I didn’t deliver. That’s partly because it’s disheartening to think about. The nutshell is that participation had been declining for a long time (months and months) before I was asked to join the leadership team, and it dropped sharply thereafter, despite my efforts to be all things to all. I burned out around Independence Day, and we (mostly I) made the decision to close up shop and move on.

I have chosen to see the end of the group as an occasion for hope. Most of the new members that came to an event or two never really got involved beyond that, so there won’t be much for them to miss. We long-term members have formed actual friendships outside of the group, and many are involved in the other Catholic young adult groups in the area, so they’re not just out in the cold.

Being on the forefront of something new is not my thing. I don’t like seeing things end, either, but it was time, and I am at peace.

— 5 —

Tonight, I am at home on the couch, but last Friday, I went out for karaoke. A friend of mine hosted a large-but-private room party. I guessed that most of the people there would be people I didn’t already know, and I was right. I do like to sing, I’m decent at it (but nothing to write home about), and I had been looking for opportunities to stretch myself socially. There are no single men living in my house.

So I went, even though the aforementioned rain in Austin turned everyone into terrible drivers, and I had a really good time. I sang so much that I almost lost my voice, but it was so good to just be without worrying about what people would think. I might not ever see some of those people again. It was freeing, and it was fun.

— 6 —

Does anyone else have trouble staying on top of email newsletters and blog posts? I had some time recently to do a reading spree, and I feel so much better than I did looking at those growing numbers. The Inbox Zero part of my heart is happy. I did declare bankruptcy on selected sources, but I find myself going on these reading binges more often now, more often than I’d like. I have a technique beyond “try to read everything,” but there’s got to be a better way. (I sound like a kitchen gadget infomerical.) Any ideas?

— 7 —

The CatholicMatch Institute blog published an article on the issue of divorced and remarried Catholics receiving communion without an annulment. They can’t, but I think that is one of the few articles I’ve read on the subject that covers both sides without making anyone seem like a fool. It’s so easy to say “you’re heartless and unrealistic” or “you’re a heretic and a sinner” without taking time to think the issue through. I did not get that impression from CatholicMatch, though, and I’m grateful for that.

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