7 Quick Takes on Crashplan, Pocket, and Singleness

— 1 —

I was all set to post this last week, but then I had to figure out why CrashPlan was never backing up my computer 100%, and then time got away from me. On the bright side, I figured out what was wrong, and in the process, I discovered that with the mobile and web apps, I can instantly download any file from my computer that has backed up to CrashPlan.

Did you catch that? From my laptop to anywhere with Internet access, including my smartphone. That’s awesome! I pay for the service, so I get unlimited space, and because I’m paying for it, I have a higher stake in it and I feel like they owe me the service I paid for. This is better than Dropbox.

— 2 —

As I mentioned in my Booking Through Thursday this week, my diocesan newspaper is good, but I almost never read it since it’s an actual physical newspaper. Tonight, I sat down to read the July/August issue (having been shoved into action by the arrival of the October issue), and I found this gem in the Saints for Our Times column about my heavenly bestie, St. Maria Goretti:

[Alessandro Serenelli, Maria’s murderer] became a model prisoner and was released from prison after 27 years. … Alessandro’s prison experience and subsequent remorse for his crime has been cited as an argument for the abolition of capital punishment.

Yes! Ending the use of the death penalty is one of my favorite causes, and Maria Goretti is my favorite saint, but I never made that connection. And I might never have made it unless I’d read my big unwieldy diocesan newspaper. (I still say it wouldn’t be that difficult to put the existing online articles into an e-newsletter.)

— 3 —

I started using Pocket this week. It really is freeing to be able to close my browser without worrying that my session won’t be saved (or waiting forever for it to open back up). It also helps me single-task by reading just one article at a time. I can Pocket any links I encounter and know I won’t forget about them. The reading interface is elegant, and I’m getting better at the keyboard shortcuts. Give it a try if you, like me, are struggling to manage your online reading backlog.

— 4 —

In addition to capturing internal links, Pocket has been useful for capturing links to e-newsletter articles I want to read. It has helped me reach Inbox Zero again, a sight I thought I’d never see in my personal email again, even after I declared LinkedIn Group Digest Email Bankruptcy a few weeks ago.

One article I read that immediately stuck out was from Boundless. I read Boundless while I was in undergrad, but I stopped afterwards when my e-newsletter priorities shifted (to zero). Boundless doesn’t mention denominations often, so when I spotted a link to “What I Learned About Singleness From Attending a Mormon Church Service,” I had to click through.

The author brings up a reasonable point: when we isolate unmarried people into groups and functions specifically for single people, it puts undue pressure on them to pair up and get married. It implies that they are not invited to interact with anyone besides other single people. He writes, “When we do that, we rob single people of the opportunity to be a vital part of the life of the larger congregation, and we rob the congregation of the opportunity to receive from the gifted, single members of the church.” I like knowing who’s available, but I do not want to be sent to the church version of a leper colony.

— 5 —

I don’t quite remember how I wound up at More Than Don’t Have Sex, but I wandered around through internal links to find “God the Great Withholder.” For a non-Catholic, Justin M. Campbell has a very three-dimensional view of chastity. In that particular post, he knocks down the platitude that single people remain so because their spouse isn’t ready for them or they are not ready for their spouses. Something about that never quite sat well with me. His explanation is so clear and straightforward that I will just let you go read it without co-opting it here. It makes sense!

— 6 —

Last weekend, I was so popular that I was out of the house almost the whole time. It was overwhelming to be moving about town so much, so I am glad that I get to recharge this weekend.

To summarize, I:

  • woke up early both mornings
  • reluctantly went to a morning workshop at my parish
  • zipped through grocery shopping
  • didn’t manage to clean the house
  • attended a lovely baby shower two suburbs over
  • enjoyed a birthday party downtown (in an apartment, not a bar)
  • volunteered for almost four hours
  • went to Mass
  • blogged
  • hand-washed some delicates

I was exhausted by the end of it all. If that’s what being an extrovert is like, it’s no wonder that I rest firmly on the line between extrovert and introvert. I am staying in for most of this weekend, and I am ecstatic.

— 7 —

I started writing my first ever blog post series! It’s about the survey Pope Francis sent to every parish in the country in advance of the upcoming synod on marriage and the family. Oh, you didn’t hear about the survey? I did, but my response was not the best. I’m making up for it with my series, so check it out starting with the intro post.

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