Booking Through Thursday: Enmity


Are there any books or authors you hate? Why? Is it the writing? The stories? The author’s personality? Would you read their work anyway?

This is an old prompt, from August 28, but since there was no prompt today and I’m trying to keep steam with NaBloPoMo, I’m taking it on. Oh, boy.

I keep a shelf on Goodreads titled “Will Not Read.” I realize that shelving a book raises its influence, but I also see it as my stand against books that, well, I will not read. The selections are intentional, and each has a story.

His Dark Materials is there because I am a Christian. I haven’t read them, although I know other Catholics who have. As I understand it, His Dark Materials is something like The Chronicles of Narnia for little atheist kids. They’re fictional, allegorical takes on atheist theology (or lack of theology, I suppose). I don’t have time to waste on that, so they’re out.

Anything by Cassandra Clare goes there because I feel betrayed. I used to read Harry Potter fanfiction back in high school, and since my home base was FictionAlley, I read the Draco Trilogy. I don’t think I ever finished Draco Veritas, but I was hooked. To my complete shock, when Cassie got her first book contract and changed her pen name, she removed her novel-length fiction from the Internet. It was years before I managed to hunt down copies; I just wanted to finish the story. I was never caught up in the drama. I was caught up in the story, and then it was gone. I’ve moved on, but I still won’t read any of her books.

Those horrible 50 Shades books are on there, of course. That needs no explanation.

Twilight. It got girls reading. I will give it no other positive comment.

Finally, I will not read anything by Dan Brown, but especially The Da Vinci Code. I can understand wanting to write a religious thriller. I loved A Canticle for Leibowitz. My problem is that he tried to pass the whole thing off as being based on the truth. He even says so in the book! It’s not true! I support telling not-true stories, but don’t lie and pretend as though you didn’t fabricate story elements you obviously did.

Now I’m all in a kerfuffle. Future posts will be less testy… I hope.

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