tl;dr December 2014


The spirit of the tl;dr link-up is to summarize what’s going on in your life and/or on your blog for people who didn’t read every post. November was a highly unusual month for me because I posted like crazy! If you got bogged down by my increased volume, this post is especially for you.

Here’s the nutshell of my life over the past month:

Some of those moments would not be here at all if I hadn’t been blogging so much. I’m glad I got to share them with you. I will not be trying to post every day in December, or even aiming for 30 in 30 again, but I’m pleased with the results of my efforts in November.

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Don’t be heartbroken about breaking your streak of impeccable Mass fashion! At least you don’t stroll up with flipflops on and gum in your mouth!

I just subscribed to your Catholic Calendar…that is awesome! TY! I love YNAB too so go us! I even have a journal in the YNAB forum.

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