7 Quick Takes Full of Life Tips and Baby Reindeer

— 1 —

Although I have posted at least once a day for the month of December, I still swear I am not doing NaBloPoMo again. I just enjoy the other effects of posting frequently, as I noted yesterday. I now have a #1 blogging rule to go with my #1 lectoring rule: post often and do link-ups. Can’t argue with hard data.

— 2 —

Outside of blogging, things have been quiet. I reached out to a friend to see if we could meet up this week because my calendar was bare. Letting her choose the day was probably a mistake, because she didn’t pick one.

That’s what I get for not following Get-It-Done Guy’s meeting scheduling rule: propose at least one time and place. It gets the ball rolling.

This is a bad meeting invitation:

Let’s meet to talk about the new job description. What time works for you?

This is much, much better:

Let’s meet to talk about the new job description. How about Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. or 2 p.m. in my office? If that doesn’t work, I am free on Thursday morning and Friday morning.

Your invitees will either accept one of your specific times or offer an alternative that fits your other availability. They’ll frequently reply:

Tuesday at 2 works. See you then.

Done. NNTR.

— 3 —

I fell off the Pocket wagon for a while. As I was catching up on my reading, I discovered a summary of a homily by Pope Francis about scandal. I always explain the Church meaning of “scandal” when I argue against cohabitation, so I was overjoyed to hear Pope Francis talking about it, too. That’s down-to-Earth pastoring right there.

In a nutshell, scandal is caused when you say you are a Christian but don’t live like one. Christians go to church. Christians forgive. Christians live by faith to resolve their imperfections. If you are a Christian (or you at least say you are), but you don’t live like a Christian, that is a sin. Stop it.

— 4 —

What’s cuter: photos of babies dressed as reindeer or photos of actual baby reindeer?


Photo by Ben Shepherd.

— 5 —

Upon seeing that I am using 12% of my Google account space, I embarked on a mission to reduce that by deleting emails I archived but no longer need. A sample of these emails:

  • purchase and shipping confirmations
  • chat records (which I hate that Google automatically keeps)
  • newsletters
  • listserv unsubscribe messages
  • random records from 2007 that I didn’t need before now and therefore don’t ever

I found three items I needed to revisit, so I put them on my to-do list:

  • a question I sent to Jimmy Akin (he didn’t answer it on his blog)
  • newsletters from Invisible Monastery (I’m supposed to be getting them quarterly)
  • a prayer my old roommate Britt sent me (I pinned it, of course)

I also noticed a depressing number of emails I sent to people that never received a reply. I don’t send letter-style emails anymore (although I do send real letters), and I guess no one replies to them anymore. Sad times.

I’ll let everything up for deletion sit in the trash for a while and then see how much space I gained.

— 6 —

A coworker helped me realize recently that my freakish organization and constant neatness are the result of two personality characteristics. I build systems and I persevere. I achieve Inbox Zero regularly because I have a system for emptying my inboxes and I stick to the system. My spaces are always clean because I put things where they belong immediately. (I dust and vacuum and such, but I don’t think that’s the kind of room cleaning most people talk about.) I never lose my keys because they only go one place. The mail doesn’t pile up because I throw away the junk immediately, open mine and figure out what to do it with immediately, and leave my roommates’ mail in a designated area.

I am convinced that establishing systems/processes and following them makes my life better.

— 7 —

I have been flossing every night for about a week now. It feels awesome: psychologically, because I’m doing something I know I ought to be doing for my health; and physically, because I can literally feel the difference.

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I totally keep all my shipping confirmations and wonder how long I should keep them and think about deleting them. I really need to work on inbox zero more…and systems in general. So cool you have that down!


I try not to think too much about my prior poor dental habits before now, but I can absolutely tell a difference.

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