Booking Through Thursday: Holiday Gifts


Did you get any great books for holiday gifts this year? Have you read them yet? If not, were there any you hoped you would get?

I did not receive any books as gifts. I don’t usually like getting books as gifts, although my mom has given me some Christian books. They’re more along the lines of The Prayer of Jabez than C.S. Lewis, though. I don’t blame her; it’s a broad field, and she’s not a churchgoer, so she can’t exactly make personal recommendations.

Now that I think about it, the coffee table book of clever flowcharts she gave me last Christmas has been a big hit. The master shopper scores some home runs, too.

I was actually thinking recently, before I saw this BTT prompt, that it’s been a while since I actually purchased a book. Being a reviewer and a public library fan, I don’t buy books often anymore. When I did, I loved getting gift cards because I could pick out my own books. I don’t buy into that Big Lots commercial that says getting a gift card is like being told to buy your own gift, especially when it comes to books. I prefer buying my own books!

How do you feel about books as presents? Do I sound ungrateful? (I keep the Christian inspirational books; I just don’t really read them.)

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I haven’t gotten any books as gifts in a while. More often, I’ll end up receiving gift cards to bookstores so I can make my own choices.

I do remember when I was about 12 and my grandmother gave me some books from a series that I’d never even heard of (and that, if I’m being honest, looked kind of silly). I ended up loving the series, and was pretty disappointed when it abruptly ended after about 6 installments. So sometimes gifted books can be a great thing!

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