tl;dr February 2015


Somehow it is already February. Lent is coming on the 18th, which doesn’t seem right. I guess that’s the cost of celebrating the whole Christmas season: Lent sneaks up on you.

I participated in NaBloPoMo again in January, so you might have gotten bogged down in posts again. I know Feedly and Pocket miss me; I’ve been doing a ton of writing and not nearly as much reading! Here’s a recap in case my posting frequency was too much for you:

Between this and my new productivity system, I am realizing that a lot more happens to me than I think. What’s new with you?

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I love going to surprise parties, but I would NEVER want to be the subject of one. Ever. I’m such an introvert ;)

Did the celebrant love it??

    She did! It was her 30th, and her roommate threw it, so that worked out well. I know what you mean about not wanting to have a surprise party for yourself, though. In grad school, my roommates threw me a kidnap breakfast for my birthday, except that they told me about it 3 hours before we went. It was marvelous.

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