Booking Through Thursday: Covers


Hardcovers or paperbacks?

One of my pet peeves is the non-word “hardback,” so snaps to Deb for getting it right in this week’s prompt!

I am usually a paperback kind of girl. I haven’t purchased a book in a while (perks of being a reviewer), but when I did more regularly, I had to watch my book-related spending closely. Sometimes I still miss those days of serendipitous wandering through the shelves at Borders. Then I remember how much time that used to take, and I’m glad for library holds and free shipping.

Buying a hardcover from the store was a treat reserved for new releases. You’d better believe I was in the store at midnight every time a new Harry Potter book came out. I feel the same way about midnight book releases that some people do about midnight movies: there’s only one. (Harry Potter is the book. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the movie.)

These days, I’m neutral. I still read a good number of physical books. I’m not opposed to carrying around a real book when I’m in the middle of it, and I enjoy the experience of holding a book in one hand and a bagel in the other (or a fork; sandwiches are too tricky). There’s weight to carry and space to take up no matter what the cover material. The pages turn the same. The words don’t change.

Hard or soft doesn’t matter as much as what’s written on the pages between those covers.

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