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In an ideal world, what kind of bookcases would you have? Built-ins? Barrister ones with glass doors? The cheapest you could find so you could have lots of them? What kind of bookcases do you REALLY have?

The worst thing about being a book lover is finding space to keep all your books! My mom recently got rid of most of the books I was keeping in my parents’ house, so I was forced to downsize there. It would probably do me some good to take a hard-line approach to clearing out my actual bookshelf, but today is not the day for that.

I really do have just one bookshelf. I bought two when I moved to Austin. I put my TV on top of the short one when I lived in my apartment. Here, it holds my greeting cards, my toolbox, a few knickknacks, and some of my roommate’s books.

The tall one looked like this four years ago:

It looks like this tonight:

It’s gotten rather more full since I’ve accumulated more review copies for my Austin CNM column. Nothing quite like filling your shelves with free books!

I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about my ideal bookshelf. I’ve never been big on built-ins because they seem so restrictive. I usually dislike bound notebooks for the same reason. I need to be able to reorganize and rearrange. I think this set-up is my ideal because it encourages me not to get more books (since my shelves are overflowing already) and not to buy more shelves (since they [mostly] fit on this one). And I love Billy. He’s from IKEA. He’s been with me for years and has always been just what I need. We’re in it for the long haul.

Do you have a special relationship with your bookshelf, or is that just me?

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