7 Quick Takes on Blogging, the March Family Letters, and Finding Head Space


— 1 —

As evidenced by the recent density of posts, I got off schedule last week. I’m back on this week, though, and have so far met two of my March goals: at least 3 posts per week overall and What I Wore Sunday every week.

I also planned to post 7QT every week. I’m not sure that last week’s entry (which I posted just a few days ago) counts, but it’s better than nothing. I even got a lovely surprise. It turned out to be Procrastinator’s Week for 7QT: all the posts are linked in reverse chronological order, so the latest posts get top billing. Win! No bottom-of-the-list for me!

I’ve already written about how doing NaBloPoMo in November and in January was great for my traffic, my content, and my commitment level, and my creativity. Setting a SMART goal for my blog posting and creating an editorial calendar have been some of the best non-challenge things I’ve ever done for this place. I think they have made me a better blogger. What helps you improve your blogging life?

— 2 —

Best podcast ever. I lost my place in the archives last week when I added in a few one-off episodes from other podcasts, so I took the time to mark all the episodes I haven’t listened to yet. There are about 175. I’m so excited to listen to them all!

— 3 —

Pemberley Digital has failed me.

I adored The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Lindsay Stadter turned me on to it at first, and I was hooked right away. (I love P&P.) Emma Approved was great, especially since I’m not as familiar with the story, so I had to put it together as I watched. (I also read the Wikipedia summary as I went along.) I really liked Frankenstein, MD. I’ve studied Frankenstein, and the show pushed the boundaries by adding action and horror where the romance and drama had been in the Austen-based shows. I didn’t like Welcome to Sanditon, but I didn’t hate it.

Now Pemberley Digitial is distributing The March Family Letters (based on Little Women), and I’m done. I’m not done with Pemberley Digital altogether, but I’m done with that show. I gave it over 20 episodes to stop being so ridiculous and start getting good. I might have a bias because I’ve never been a big fan of Little Women, but I haven’t read Emma either, and I loved Emma Approved. I even tried reading the plot summary on Wikipedia! When I don’t care about the characters, it’s hard for me to care at all. So that’s that.

I know there are other literature-based web series out there, but I haven’t watched any of them. I just didn’t think they would be as good, and now I have evidence. Part of what made The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved, and Frankenstein, MD so good is that they were produced by professionals. Amateur work can be fantastic, but sometimes, it stinks. This even has the distribution stamp of approval of Pemberley Digital, the Emmy-winning powerhouse of the genre! It should be good!

So I stopped giving The March Family Letters another chance to be good. I’m waiting for the next series. If you watch, and I turn out to be wrong, I’ll marathon it later. It’ll still be good then.

— 4 —

You read that right: I follow a blog by another Lindsay. I used to follow two blogs by other Lindsays, and I’m still following two in total. It’s fun. (The others are all white so far. I bring the diversity!) (That’s a joke.)

— 5 —

I realized something this week, as I’ve been listening to podcasts (see #2) and reading ALL THE THINGS about GTD (my new edition of The Book is on the way). I don’t have much headspace these days. I’ve gotten so good about filling up my time with the things I want to do (instead of just what I have to do), that I don’t do as much mind-wandering and random reflection as I used to. Closing my browser tabs for Facebook and Twitter was a good call, but I miss the time I once found for just thinking.

I can’t schedule that time because I hate brainstorming or anything that resembles it, but I don’t want to waste time that I could be using to Get Things Done. (Some of the Things are prayer-related, so that’s covered.) Any advice for how to be efficient, productive, and free?

— 6 —

Not a whole lot of excitement happening around here. I don’t usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and I didn’t have a plan for St. Joseph’s Day, so those were uneventful. Back to regular Lent.

I’m making headway with the hardest and most private of my Lenten resolutions. (Good Friday is two weeks from now. Whoa.) It is mostly environmental (i.e. not my doing), but this little boost has given me the encouragement to do what I need to do to make this change permanent.

I know I’m being vague. Trust me when I say that I needed to do this a long time ago, it is good for me in multiple areas of my life, it is difficult, and it is not romantic. I will conquer this by Easter!

— 7 —

Spring is springing. I was startled approaching my front door last night by a cardinal lurking on the porch. (The bird, not the church official.) I like the bluebonnets; I dislike the bugs. It’ll be this way until Halloween, though, so I’m enjoying my last hurrah with sweaters and boots. Oh, Austin. Your food is delicious, your traffic is awful, and your “seasons” will never feel right to me.

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Hi, Lindsay! Thanks for swinging by Simple Felicity tonight! It’s so fun to meet a fellow Harry Potter and Tenth Avenue North fan! :)

In answer to your question in Take #1: Michael Hyatt’s blog and podcasts have been incredibly helpful to me as I’ve started building a blogging platform. :) michaelhyatt.com – hope that helps!

About Take #2 – can you send me the link to that podcast you were talking about? I’d love to catch it sometime this week.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Thanks for the tip about Pemberly Digital – I didn’t know such a thing existed, and I’m excited to look into Emma Approved! :)

    I’m glad I stopped by! I have a personal rule to always visit the person who linked up before me in a link-up. (That also helps when I link up late, so none of the early-birds even see me. Sad times. Procrastinator’s Week was the best!)

    I have recently warmed up to Michael Hyatt. I was just listening to his interview on the Beyond the To-Do List podcast. I like his broader perspectives on life, whereas GTD fits more into my day-to-day.

    I listen to Fr. Mike Schmitz’s podcast through iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/umd-newman-catholic-campus/id273537688?mt=2), but I know you can pick it up on Stitcher, and the Bulldog Catholic archive. (I can’t bring myself to call it UMD, because I went to UMD, in Maryland.) He is an amazing homilist.

My husband and I went to Mass and then to a diner for dinner on St. Joseph’s Day…that was my first time celebrating his feast day!

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