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When you travel, do you bring one book with you or a pile of them? Is that pile still a load of paper to lug around, or do you use an e-book reader like a Kindle or your iPad to help carry the load? (Even if you prefer paper, it can get heavy when you’re traveling!)

Great question! I struggle with this concept every time I travel. I don’t travel much, so that helps resolve the twin dilemmas of one versus many and paper versus e-book.

These days, I bring just one book, and it’s a paper book. (It is usually also a paperback.) I used to justify carrying a real book because I didn’t have an e-reader or smartphone anyway, and it doubled as a boarding pass holder. Even after I converted to mobile boarding passes, I still carried a physical book because you could keep reading while electronic devices had to be shut off. Now that that is a thing of the past, and I’m using my phone more for non-reading tasks, I carry a physical book to conserve battery life. Also, I am a creature of habit.

The real problem for me lies in projecting my progress. If I’m almost finished with a book, I want to finish it before I start a new one, but I also don’t want to finish my book too soon and be stuck without anything to read for days. Sometimes, I have to just quell my inner organizer and start a new book for the trip. I rarely quit a book without finishing, so that usually takes care of my trip reading.

A few years ago, I accidentally finished my book while I was home for Christmas, so I grabbed one of my old “off-site” favorites off the shelf and read that! Now that most of those books have been evicted, there are fewer left for emergencies. At least the ones that are left are the good ones.

And yes, not having a book to read constitutes an emergency.

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I’m about to go on vacation in 10 days (not that I’m counting) and was just thinking about what books I want to take and whether I want ebooks or paperback books. I’m usually a big ebook girl but I’m thinking about taking paperback books since I’ll be on a cruise and it’s sometimes hard to read ebooks out in the sun since I just use my iPad.

    Your non-counting is very accurate! I know what you mean about screens in the sun. I’ve heard that the older model paperwhite Kindles are great for that reason: no touchscreen, so all you can do is read, and there’s way less glare. They’re also cheaper, so that’s a plus.

I usually bring a pile of books. I never know what I might want to read (something fiction, something Catholic, something parenting). I may not get to them all, but whatever suits the mood. Since bed rest, I have been very excited about digital books from the library on my phone, but I haven’t found anything to read in the past few weeks because not everything I want to read is available. I’ll probably stick to paper books yet again for this summer’s vacation if it happens.

By the way, I finally caught back up on your blog over the past week, but I hadn’t commented because I’d been on my phone!

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