tl;dr August 2015


Jenna hasn’t hosted a link-up for tl;dr in a long time, but I still like the concept. It seems more efficient than a regular monthly wrap-up, and it encourages me to include things I didn’t necessarily blog about. On to it!

  • I went to the lake (well, next to the lake).
  • Some friends and I saw Hairspray at Zilker. The tradition continues!
  • Dance class is still going well. I went to my studio’s no-cover social on Friday night to really break in my new dance shoes. It was ridiculous amount of fun. One more month and I’ll move on to Level 3!
  • I’ve mostly just been taking care of business, I guess. Not much to report.

What have you been up to? If you’re behind on your blogging, giving the tl;dr is a great way to catch up. Thanks to this link-up, I am never apologizing for an unplanned blogging break again. (I will hopefully never have one again, but let’s be real.)

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