The Story of the King and His Kingdom (Review: “New Testament Basics for Catholics”)

Thanks to a few years of Bible studies, I could easily tell you that the “plot” of the Bible is the fulfillment of the covenant between God and his people. Now I can tell you that the New Testament has its own “subplot,” so to speak.

A few summers ago, I made the trek from central Austin out to Emmaus Catholic Parish every week to participate in a Great Adventure Bible Timeline study. It permanently changed the way I see the Bible—for the better. Finally, I understood why the prophets kept talking about Israel and Judah as if they were separate places (they were.) Finally, I understood why, exactly, the story of Hanukkah is in Catholic Bibles (and I wonder why it’s not in Protestant ones). Finally, I understood why the books of the Bible are in that order!

But if you’d asked me what the story of the New Testament was, I would have only described it as one giant story of the fulfillment of the covenant. Thanks to John Bergsma’s amazing new book, New Testament Basics for Catholics, I have a much clearer picture. The New Testament is the story of the coming of the kingdom: in the person of Jesus Christ, in the Church on Earth, and in the heavenly Jerusalem.

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