What I Wore Sunday: Not Rejoicing Is Not an Option


I have been on the leadership team for Spirit & Truth for several months. We meet in person occasionally, and since I have a whole house that is rarely full, we’ve met at my house the last few times. Unfortunately, yesterday’s meeting ran right up against my need to leave on time to lector at Mass. I didn’t want to give up such a great lectoring opportunity, so I literally ended the meeting by saying, “I love you! Please leave!” I shooed everyone out of my house and made it to church on time and liturgically dressed.

What I Wore Sunday, December 13

Blouse: Target
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights and belt: Target
Shoes: Payless
Earrings: ancient gift

The weather cooled down from the 70s on Thursday, which was good for me because this outfit would not have worked otherwise. This is also an exception to my general preference to avoid tucking in shirts and wearing a visible belt. I thought about wearing my boots, but I knew I didn’t have time due to the aforementioned friendly eviction and dash out the door. In the end, it all worked out.

The Mass I go to has a short lector cycle (as in, I get to do it a lot), and I always let the Holy Spirit pick which days I get. He tosses me a winner occasionally, and that included yesterday, because I had the second reading. We nailed it. At the very least, that chunk of my parish was properly admonished to get with the rejoicing already.

We had Fr. Pastor last night, and he noted in his homily that each of the readings speaks of God at a different position in time and space relative to his people: already here, at hand, or coming sometime soon. I hadn’t noticed that. It underscored the “already, but not yet” character of Advent.

He went on to say that we hope that the Lord is coming while simultaneously rejoicing that he’s already here. We have hope and joy. Those are my favorites!

Finally (or at least at the end of my notes), he noted that, in each season of our lives, we have both past and future contributing to how we see the world and relate to the Lord. Even in childhood, the foundation of faith our parents do or don’t provide influences us in a way that lasts our whole lives.

I don’t often hear homilies that speak straight to my heart, but this one did. I had much to think and pray about. I still do. The temporal aspects of pre-Christmastime might be rapidly passing me by, but I think I’m winning at the spiritual side of Advent this year.

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