7 Quick Takes on Blog Stats, Life Philosophies, and Quality Time


— 1 —

Happy New Year! My 2015 was even better than my 2014, so I am unusually (but cautiously) optimistic about this year. Then again, if I make it through this year without another bacterial infection, that will already be a win, so the bar is set pretty low.

I still have my customary year-end post planned. It was not a priority to publish that before the actual end of the year. Stay tuned.

— 2 —

According to my stats, I had almost 22,000 page views here at Lindsay Loves in 2015. That’s almost double the previous year, which was already more than twice what I had the year before. That is 100% due to posting more often. Maybe content really isn’t king; maybe it’s frequency.

My most popular post was last year’s Catholic Calendar post, of course, followed by my first Wunderlist + GTD post. I knew there had to be more people out there combining that app and that method than I thought! Two of my essay-style posts also made the top five: my love story about joining the Apostleship of Prayer and my declaration that single life is not a vocation.

Dare I hope for three viral essays and 44,000 page views this year?

— 3 —

Everyone struggles to get used to writing 2016, but I found a new year-change pet peeve. When I get to the end of the day, I reschedule any uncompleted tasks. It was so tedious to have to change the day, month, and year on the date-selection wheel for every task. Not tedious enough to get me to just do the things so I could check them off instead of rescheduling, but still fairly tedious.

— 4 —

I usually watch Hulu while I eat (I’ve tried other things; that really is the most productive combo), but sometimes I watch YouTube videos I’ve saved to Pocket. Yesterday, I finally got around to watching a video about St. Augustine, St. Monica, and perseverance in prayer from the World Meeting of Families. It’s pretty fantastic, even if you’re not as Augustinian as I am.

— 5 —

These days, my personal growth and productivity kick takes center stage, but I also had a good personal finance kick going last winter. I don’t listen to the YNAB Podcast, but I do read the transcripts. Episode #199 has one of the best syntheses I’ve seen between the wisdom of YNAB’s Four Rules, Mr. Money Mustache’s love of frugality, Marie Kondo’s viral focus on owning only things that bring you joy, and the acknowledgment in Your Money or Your Life that you trade your life for your stuff. I love when philosophies that seem to be in competition come together so beautifully. It just seems right.

— 6 —

If you celebrate like I do, then I also wish you a Merry Christmas! As evidenced in my last What I Wore Sunday post, I went home to see my family for the holiday. I’m not a big traveler, so I really only see them then.

I got in a lot of solid quality time, though. My mom took my brother and me out shopping on Christmas Eve morning: me to pick out gifts for myself, him to find gifts for everyone but himself. It wasn’t as nightmarish as I’d expected, although I did see a lot more men than usual. Not all stereotypes are true, but it’s hard to argue with evidence.

My sister joined us for Phase 10 on Christmas Eve, and I drove my grandma from and to her senior apartment for our dinner on Christmas Day. I had meals with some friends in the area, and I made it to church on all the correct days. I even saw The Force Awakens, which is as good as everyone keeps saying it is.

I’m not a big vacationer, but that was a pretty good one, I must say.

— 7 —

I spent my New Year’s Eve dancing! My studio had a social, and none of my friends were throwing parties (at least none I was invited to), so I decided to get in some dance practice. There was a designated side room for West Coast, but another studio had an all-WCS party on the same night, so it was not well populated. The main ballroom did not go all-Two Step, though, so I was able to mix it up a bit. It was a lovely way to end a solid year and begin what I hope will be another good one.

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Happy New Year! I have to laugh about men shopping on Christmas Eve.

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