Currently: February 2016

I loved posting my tl;dr last year, but I’ve been craving more actual link-ups in my blogging life (and Booking Through Thursday was letting me down). As I was catching up on my friend Christina’s blog, I decided to give Currently a try for the rest of 2016. I will combine it with my tl;dr, because this is my blog, so I do what I want. Each month has specific topics. You share what you are currently reading, wishing, etc. I will also be recapping each month of my life, both on and off the blog (which is what I did with tl;dr).

The "Currently" Hostesses

Thus, I bring you what I am currently…

Sending: No more Epiphany cards, finally. I need a better plan for next year. I did receive what is hopefully the last reply card. It’s from a dear Nicaraguan friend. I met him here in Austin. He moved to California last year. He knows I read Spanish, though, and that I love mail, so he sent me what is technically una tarjeta para la Navidad, and he mailed it from Nica! So sweet.

Eating: The same things over and over. As I wrote in my NAS post about cooking for one, I have a standard rotation of meals that I cycle through. In previous months, I would sneak in enough variety to keep the cycle from getting too boring, but these last few months have not been effective. I enjoy all the things I regularly eat, but I need a little spice again. I have a little bit of breathing room scheduled for March, so that should help my culinary creativity.

Dreaming: Of finally getting my higher-level life goals together. I curated a bunch of tools to help, but they can’t give me the minutes and hours I need to actually use them. I have to carve that out soon. The year is already one month gone!

Smelling: The scent of clean, finally! I shirked my house cleaning for a while, and it showed. Helpfully, I have a high threshold for smell (meaning things have to smell really bad before I notice), and the house wasn’t actually smelly. I was just tired of looking at it. My Saturday was wide open, so I finally got back to neutral then.

Hearting: Mr. Man. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to mention him here on the blog at all, so I’m easing into it. I’m talking about it with him, and he liked the idea of a nickname, so I’m trying that.

Recapping: January

  • My former roommate’s baby turned a year old, so she had a Winter One-derland party. There were so many babies! It was ridiculously cute. I am still getting used to afternoon birthday parties.
  • I finally published my 2015 year in review.
  • I started a new health journey. It’s not contagious, and I’m not dying, but I’m finally ready to figure out what’s wrong and get it resolved. Then I’ll work on the other health issues that I’ve been managing instead of fixing. (I know some things can only be managed, but I’m pretty sure these can be fixed.)
  • I went to the Texas Rally for Life.
  • I took the Jeopardy! test. Again.
  • I took a beginner class in Argentine tango. It was not quite as awesome as West Coast Swing, but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway.

So what’s new with you? What are you “hearting” currently?

Currently is a link-up hosted on the first Wednesday of each month by Anne of In Residence and Jenna of Gold & Bloom. Link up at Anne’s this week!


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Thanks for such a wealth of helpful links. I love reading your entries; you always give your readers a new perspective to think of life. :)

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