Booking Through Thursday: Marginalia


Do you write in your books? Highlight? In all books or just things like college textbooks?

Just under the wire on this one, but I like the topic a lot. I have very specific rules for writing in books. I don’t write in hardcover books. I don’t highlight books. I don’t write in pens. I didn’t even do any of that in college.

For books I own, especially theology, I sometimes write in them. I underline in pencil, I write short notes in the margins, and if I struggled to get through the page, I summarize that page at the bottom of it. I would never have made it through Orthodoxy or the confusingly-named Theology for Beginners without those bottom-of-page summaries.

In my ordinary, day-to-day reading, I make no marks. I’m not a heathen. That is what Goodreads status updates are for.

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