Not Alone Series: Wedding Fun


This month’s guest hostess is our other co-founder, Morgan.

We are now fully immersed in wedding season! What are your favorite parts of a wedding? Where do you find the best dresses for the occasion? Have any unique gift ideas? Share anything and all tips and tricks with us!

I generally like weddings. Before I took up West Coast Swing, weddings were my best chance at a good, old-fashioned dance party: less teenage awkwardness, more fun. I also like going to church and dressing up, although managing the expenses of travel and clothing can be tricky.

I find my favorite wedding guest dresses at department stores. The one I’m wearing in this photo was originally purchased from Kohl’s for a wedding. I re-wore it for so many formal occasions that I eventually had to retire it. I still have it, though, just in case!


Me with my fellow Young Professionals volunteers. Photo by Anastasia Curtis.

My favorite gift idea stems from my budgeting lifestyle. My personal rule is that I will spend money to be in a wedding, to fly to a wedding, or to purchase a customary gift, but not for all three. So when I don’t send a regular gift, I like to give spiritual bouquets.

When I describe this concept to friends I’ve met post-college, they’re always a little bewildered. It must be one of those things like my holy medals (I wear four) that is more common on the East Coast than inland. A spiritual bouquet is a collection of prayers, sacrifices, etc. offered for a particular occasion. It’s like a bouquet flowers, except that flowers die. Prayers have eternal effect. It also has the advantage of being way less expensive than actual flowers or most other wedding gifts.

When I am invited to a wedding I can’t attend, I actually do both: a regular present and a spiritual one, usually a rosary prayed as the wedding begins. When I’m invited to one I just can’t afford, I like to combine a rosary, a Divine Mercy Chaplet, and some other prayer that reminds me of the couple (St. Michael, or even just a bunch of Our Fathers and Hail Marys).

My favorite single-girl wedding strategy is to dance the night away. Literally. I generally wear my hair up to weddings because it won’t get sweaty from dancing for hours. (It’s also usually in updo-only condition by Saturday. #blackhaircareproblems) I pick relatively comfortable shoes. Dancing nonstop keeps me from drinking too much and sitting around complaining about how, yet again, this is not my wedding. I’m always without a partner, but that doesn’t matter. My freestyle is beyond satisfactory. I’m developing a small collection of wedding thank-you cards that specifically note my masterful dance floor presence.

Even when I’m down about not being married myself, someone else’s wedding is a chance for me to look good and celebrate for a few hours. I can get behind that.

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