Sunday Style: Chillin’ with Mr. Man

I traveled out of town this weekend, so I’m still recovering from the habits-and-routines upset that traveling always is. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like to travel and am not a vacationer. I do, however, like to visit people who happen to live in other places, like this guy:

Sunday Style for July 24

I wore my sunnies this time, too.

Sunday Style for July 24

Not pictured: my phone!

Shirt: Old Navy
Dress (can also be worn as a skirt): Target
Belt: Target
Necklace: holy medals
Earrings: none, a rarity; see below
Sandals: Target
Bag: SW Global from eBags; no longer available
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Hair clip: random accessories store at the Round Rock Outlets
His outfit: I’m pretty sure he’s worn this one before, and since he didn’t know then, I doubt he knows now. We are both okay with this.

Oh, hi there, Mr. Man! He was working a convention in The Woodlands (a fancy master planned community north of Houston) last weekend, so I went to visit him there. I think we have developed a signature selfie pose, and he was very open to my tips about how to take a fashion full-length. I see now why fashion bloggers have to be so serious about it!

I picked this outfit because I hadn’t worn it in a while and because I know it travels well. Say what you want about synthetic fabrics; they do not wrinkle. Skipping our usual Skype date in favor of the regular in-person kind gave me time to do my toenails so I could wear these shoes. I even broke out my Mary Kay Satin Hands for the first time in a long time. (I use it primarily on my feet, and it is AMAZING.) So I felt pretty.

The handbag is the same one I have carried basically every day for the last two years. It is almost never in my photos because (a) I usually take them at home, alone, and (b) I still have just the two hands. I’m in the market for a new bag, but I’m very picky, so it will take some time to find the right one. I love the style of Michael Kors bags. I don’t love the price tag. This one is a $40 imitation of the $300 original. That is why I’m struggling to find a new bag to love. Any suggestions?

The earrings are a sad story. I wore blue earrings when I drove out to Houston, so I packed my graduation pearls in my car for Sunday. It was ridiculously hot over the weekend, so I think the heat in my trunk melted the glue holding one of the pearls to its backing! Mr. Man was sweet enough to remind me to put on my earrings after we got to church, as I had requested, and then my heart broke a little bit, just as my earrings did. They can almost certainly be repaired, but I have no idea when. In the meantime, I have other earrings. I actually have a second, smaller pair of pearl studs that were a bridesmaid gift. (Yes, I am grateful for both of them.)

Mr. Man and I went to a random convenient parish in The Woodlands on Sunday. The priest claimed that Luke was not as concerned with the accuracy of the words as with the message. That sounded like hedging to me. The words Jesus actually spoke were not even in English, so there’s already something necessarily lost in translation. The priest did note that other Gospels have versions of the Our Father that are closer to the standardized version we recite, so that helped. And I did like that he highlighted that Jesus says “when you pray,” not “if you pray.” It’s a given that we will take time for prayer, like the story that Blessed Teresa of Calcutta advised her sisters to pray for two hours when they were too busy for one.

The priest also gave a nice reflection on the first reading. By showing great persistence in asking God for mercy, he gains the assurance that God’s mercy will never end. He’s asking God, “Are you ever going to give up on me?”

One of the biggest downsides of visiting a new parish is that I sing less because I’m not usually familiar with the Mass setting. I recognized the Alleluia as one I have heard, sung, and enjoyed before, but I’d never heard the rest of the Mass setting. I was less a fan of all the rest. The other songs reminded me distinctly of Mass at Notre Dame, but without the Sign of Peace melee.

The best part (besides Jesus and heaven touching Earth and all) was having Mr. Man beside me. I don’t know how women in mixed-faith marriages can stand sitting in that pew all alone. They are braver souls than I.

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So….I live in The Woodlands…let me know next time you’re there :)

Different Mass settings always throw me off, too – they never list where to find them in the hymnal (if they’re even in there!), and it’s SO much easier if i can see the music!

    Yes! That is also a good reason to increase music literacy (in the sense of being able to read music). If things like the Creed and spoken responses are important enough to put in the hymnals or pew cards so they’re available to everyone every week, why not the sung parts?

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