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— 1 —

This makes two weeks of 7QT in a row! And I started catching up on Booking Through Thursday! It just occurred to me as I was drafting this that November 1 started National Blog Posting Month (a.k.a. NaBloPoMo). I haven’t been up for any blogging challenges this year, but I’ve been trying to find more margin in my life, so maybe that is a good thing. On the other hand, I have enjoyed posting more, too. Balance is an ongoing task.

So I’m not officially doing NaBloPoMo, and I’m not unofficially doing 30 posts in 30 days or even 7 in 7, but I posted a bit more than usual this week. Take that as you wish.

— 2 —

As I mentioned in this month’s Currently, I picked up a little side hustle writing for my diocesan Catholic newspaper, the Catholic Spirit. My post is now available online in plain text. I tried to include enough to make it interesting even if you have no kids to send to our Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference. It was a great opportunity to stretch my writing muscles (and gain some extra income; let’s be real).

— 3 —

I am a happy subscriber to Organized Audrey’s weekly Productivity Pointer e-newsletter. Prepare to have your mind blown by this little tip from a few weeks ago.

That made my mouth drop open! Like literally, physically, my mouth fell open. I had absolutely no idea you could change subject lines in Outlook emails so easily. I don’t think I’ll be doing that since I’ve got a good workflow right now, but think of the possibilities!

Furthermore, I think I knew you could copy a file’s address/location in Windows Explorer somehow, but I had forgotten how. Now I know. And you thought signing up for email newsletters was a waste of time. Nope! It drops some knowledge bombs on you.

— 4 —

When I last updated my Dropbox iOS app, I noticed that some of my recent photos had a button next to them that said “Save as Scan.”

In the process of gradually purging my physical files, I’d come across some old receipts that I still wanted to save: for my wireless router, a bookshelf, and my TV. It’s been years and years since I bought them, so they’re not under warranty, but if I had a break-in or fire and needed to prove their value, I could do that with the receipts. So I took some photos with my phone and tossed the fading originals. (PSA: Receipt ink doesn’t last forever. It fades over time. After enough years, all you have left is a blank piece of receipt paper!)

Curious, I tapped the button. Almost like magic, Dropbox converted my color photos into black-and-white PDFs! I had no idea the app could do that! I’m aware that there are dedicated scanner apps for this sort of thing, but I try to use as few apps as possible. This is almost as amazing as it was scanning all my books into Goodreads in minutes.

— 5 —

Another newsletter I love is Laura Vanderkam’s. She has two: the monthly “Just a Minute” and the weekly “A Week’s Worth.” I get both. In this month’s “Just a Minute,” she drew the interesting conclusion that gratitude can be forward-focused as well as reflecting backwards.

I’ve seen numerous rounds of “30 days of thankfulness” on Facebook (not this year, though), and I’m familiar with everyone’s take on gratitude journaling. None of them struck me as especially genuine or helpful until I read Vanderkam’s take.

When you know that you will need to dig up one or three things to be thankful for, you can use that to create an opportunity in your day. Do something that you know you can be thankful for later, “consciously injecting joy into an otherwise normal day.” Don’t feel bad for stopping in your busy night to gaze at a beautiful full moon. Just do it, so that you can express gratitude for it later. Revolutionary!

— 6 —

Fr. Mike Schmitz has a Q&A column over at Bulldog Catholic. He used one from the end of last school year to discuss being spiritual but not religious. He makes an excellent argument, of course, but his explanation also contains this money quote:

Can I find a true balance between justice (there is a right way to live and a wrong way to live) and mercy (being willing to forgive people when they live the wrong way)?

I’ve been working on my understanding of justice and mercy, and that helps a lot. Does it help you?

— 7 —

Thanks to Pinterest, I always think of this when I hear people discussing being spiritual:

Dudes be like, "I'm spiritual." I be like, "Demons are spirits, too. Be more specific."

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Re: Take 3

My company uses Gmail, so I doubt I could fill my storage limit if I tried. However, that is a brilliant tip for those who do have space limits. We do use the copy and paste folder locations trick all the time when sending intra-office messages.

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