Sunday Style: Summer in February

It felt like summer last weekend! I don’t care how many fellow Austinites try to tell me that the weather always has dramatic swings; it has never been this warm at this time of year in the seven years I’ve lived here. It is obviously the end of the world.

Sunday Style for February 12

Dress: Marshall’s
Top: Target
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: gift
Necklace: holy medals

I’m delighted that this dress is a little bit roomy since I started losing weight through dance. I never stopped wearing it in the interim, but it got rather tight. It’s one of my favorites.

Oh, and for weather reference, yesterday morning never rose above 50. The heat kicked back on last night, and it was in the mid-40s this morning. On Saturday, it was so warm that I wore shorts to do my chores and errands. Shorts! In February! I used to live on a tropical island practically on the equator; this is not that island.

Deacon G started his homily with a brief summary of Gospel’s main points: Jesus came to fulfill the law, marriage is permanent, and even anger violates the law of love.

He told a story about a time when his actual brother (not just Scripture’s figurative “brother”) tried to embarrass him and his family but had to abandon the trick at the last moment. When Deacon G found out, he didn’t speak to his brother for several years. The anger felt justified, but really it just hurt him instead of his brother.

Jesus tells us to seek forgiveness before we approach the altar, he concluded, because we can’t ask rightly God to forgive us when we refuse to forgive others.

Fr. Associate Pastor has a good enough command of English pronunciation to celebrate Mass, but he doesn’t usually stray far from the pre-written prayers. I was, therefore, very encouraged by the special scolding he gave us before the final blessing. It took effort to say!

The topic? Being on time for Mass. There is a clock at the back of the church, so he easily sees when people arrive up to 20 minutes late. In the congregation’s defense, Mass always starts 5 minutes late due to all the announcements, and the people who most needed the scolding had also left early. I took it as a good reminder to continue to be on time for church things even when other people generally turn up late. I’m in charge of me, and I’m only in charge of me.

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It’s not just Austin feeling the heat. My city (in the Ohio River valley) will be close to setting record highs today and several days next week. We may also set new “record warm lows,” which is a very confusing name!

    That is a confusing name. Isn’t it still just a record low if it’s never been so not-low before?

      My understanding is that the “record low” is the coldest it’s ever gotten, while the “record warm low” is the highest low ever recorded. In other words, every prior low for the day was lower then the record warm low. There’s probably an official name for it, but the local meteorologists seem to use the term “record warm low.”

I love the gingham dress! And it’s been strangely warm here, too – I’m hoping we don’t end up with a late freeze like we got last year…

We once had a priest inform us if we are consistently late for Mass, without it being a traffic issue or weather issue, or something of that sort, it is a sin. A venial sin, but a sin nonetheless. That was an eye opener to me! I knew if you missed the Gospel, you weren’t allowed to take Communion, but didn’t know the rest.

I, too, prefer outfits with room – room to grow, and room to shrink. Your outfit is super cute!!

    Thanks! I have a good friend who agrees with the “outfits in multiple sizes” strategy.

    I would agree with that priest that a consistently late arrival is probably not good. At the very least, maybe pick a different Mass time? I’ve never been a fan of the timeline approach (it doesn’t count if you arrive after this part, or after that part). I used to work in ministry, so I’m unusually familiar with canon law, and I don’t think there’s an official line. When I’ve been late late for Mass (once due to a traffic accident and once because I thought it started at 10:30 instead of 10), I have not received Communion, but that was my decision as opposed to a rule. It’s interesting to ponder, though.

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