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My April was tough. It started off with the back end of my move to Kentucky and ended with more stress than I would like to dwell upon, so let’s get on with the rest of the post, shall we?

Here’s what I am currently…

Baking: Not a thing. I have yet to even turn on the oven in my apartment. I considered it when I was getting ready to eat leftover pizza (I prefer oven reheating to the microwave for pizza), but then I realized I could eat the pizza much faster if I had it cold. I actually enjoy cold pizza and French fries, but only if they are “in the fridge overnight” cold. “Left out on the counter” cold is not the same thing.

Listening To: Podcasts at home, for a change. I started out my life in Louisville by listening to the radio as I got ready in the morning, as usual. Then I realized that, with no commute, I didn’t have a built-in time to listen to podcasts! So I replaced music with conversations, and now I’m back in business. I’m sad that Modern Manners Guy has ended, but I’m glad that Beyond the To-Do List and the GTD Virtual Study Group are publishing new episodes again.

Loving: Bagels. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. I eat a whole-wheat bagel with butter and drink orange juice every weekday morning. I could eat less expensive or more protein-packed breakfasts, but that’s what I like. In a life where not much is normal anymore, it’s nice that some things don’t change.

Planting: Ha! My grandmother was good with plants (flowers and vegetables), but that skill did not trickle down through the generations. I am from a fake plant family and have no shame about that.

Remembering: Nothing, as usual. I have always had a terrible memory. When I embraced GTD and built the habit of writing things down, I solved that problem! I recently left my beloved Wunderlist when they announced the planned shutdown. They didn’t give a date, but I was already burned when Microsoft bought, ate, and shuttered Sunrise. I’m not letting that happen again; I started using Todoist instead. The transition is still in progress, but I’m mostly back in action. I have some separate posts about that in the works.

Recapping: April

  • Mr. Man and I observed the whole Triduum together.
  • I switched task management apps from Wunderlist to Todoist.
  • Therefore, I published what will probably be the last post in my Wunderlist and GTD series.
  • I attended the Peak Work Performance Summit online, where I heard some of my favorite speakers and some new ones.
  • My refrigerator broke. My landlord replaced it as soon as he could… which was a week later.

So what’s new with you? What are you listening to currently?

Currently is hosted on the first Wednesday of each month by Anne of In Residence. This month’s guest co-host is Nancy of NY Foodie Family. Won’t you join us?


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It has been too long since I’ve had a bagel, you’re making me realize. They really are good. And I’ve never heard of either of those podcasts, but they sound intriguing!

Oh, I am one of those people that cannot eat cold pizza…..or french fries! I love listening to podcasts. I even listen on a wireless speaker when I shower in the morning! I love bagels too. Simple is good, especially in the mornings. I’ve never gotten on the app/electronic to-do list wagon. I am old-school pen and paper and love my Happy Planner! Thanks for linking up!

The person interviewed in this podcast

used to live in Austin. Went to UT. I worked with him.

Your bagel and OJ breakfast routine sounds amazing! I love cream cheese and coffee so I would add those to mine ;) I want to check out the Beyond the To-Do List podcast- I’m always searching for more. I love Up and Vanished lately!

So I’m not the only one jumping ship haha. I’ve also moved to 2Do. Still working on getting some data from Wunderlist though.

Good luck to you Lindsay, and best wishes for furute GTDing.


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