Sunday Style: Stay Warm

If you listened to any of the weather chatter around the Kentucky Derby, you’ll know that it was cold and rainy right up until the big race. I was up extra early for non-Derby reasons, and it was even colder before the sun had properly risen. I don’t think I’ve ever had to bundle up in May before!

Sunday Style for May 6

Dress, sweater, and shoes: Old Navy
Tights: Target
Necklace: gift
Earrings: Renaissance festival

This is usually a winter outfit (and I guess it still is), but no one can say that winter in May is “just how the weather is here.” They said that the whole time I lived in Texas; I didn’t buy it there, and I’m not buying it here. I did appreciate the opportunity to leave my A/C off, though.

Fr. J said he would be giving a very short “Derby special” homily. I laughed, but since Ive heard the back story, I wish I hadn’t. Apparently, this parish normally cancels the Saturday vigil Mass entirely on Derby day. That makes no sense. The race is around 6:30 p.m. local time. Mass begins at 4:30. If you’re hosting a Derby party, why on Earth would you also try to go to Mass that day? If you’re going to one, you’ll get there before the race. Or just go to Mass on Sunday!

This rankles me the same way that canceling Mass on Easter Sunday evening does. If that time slot works for enough people all other weeks that you have a separate Mass, why would you cancel Mass at that time on the one day it matters most? Jesus is risen—no Mass for you. Why would you cancel Mass to accommodate a social event? That represents a serious failure to identify the real priority.

Before I got upset, I enjoyed the homily overall. Fr. J mentioned what I’ve heard elsewhere: that sheep are a metaphor for disciples because, left to their/our own devices, they/we are pretty dumb. Sheep are as slow to recognize danger as we are to resist sin. Sheep eat whatever they find, even if it makes them sick; we give in to temptation and do what is bad for us even when we know better.

Most of all, we can’t live eternally without Jesus, just as sheep can’t survive without a good shepherd. What a joy that we have the best shepherd of them all.

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We’ve been having chilly May weather as well – I’m not a fan!! I’ve been this close to turning our heat on, but I’m resisting… I think it’s finally warming up again!

I totally feel you on the rant about canceling certain masses. Many of us are always talking about the protestants that cancel mass on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday and celebrate the service the week before. Like mass is only an hour.

I, too, don’t quite understand the whole concept of “canceling a Mass” just because of one event. That said, I think they usually do that because of low attendance… not necessarily “right,” but definitely a thought, when we know priests don’t want to show up to say Mass and only have themselves present. That said, that is pretty rare – there is always someone who needs that time!

Your outfit was cute… One of my favorite pairings is a brown shirt with black skirt/pants, so I’m glad to see I’m in good company! I also like the pop of color in your necklace. Rounds things out perfectly!

    Yeah, I could get on board with changing the schedule to suit attendance, so to speak. That’s something that happen independent of holidays, local events, etc. Then again, how do you decide how many people is too few? I don’t know. Thank you for the lovely outfit compliments!

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