Booking Through Thursday: Format


All other things (like weight, cost, and so on) being equal, what’s your favorite format for a book? Hardcover? Paperback? Old? New? First edition? Digital? Audio?

“All other things being equal”? Weight makes a big difference! I remember going on long trips as a kid and agonizing over packing CDs. My CD wallet could only fit so many discs. Did I need the booklets? (I never actually needed them, but I always felt like I would if I didn’t pack them anyway.) Would I need extra batteries? These days, I just have to remember to add my Advent, Christmas, and Winter playlists to my phone (or remove them, per the season) and to charge the thing.

On the book front, weight still matters a lot. I’m not about to carry around the later Harry Potter books. Even those paperbacks are fat. If I’m nearing the end of any book, I don’t want to take it on a flight, because I might finish it mid-trip, and then what am I supposed to do? Packing two huge library copies is asking too much, and I prefer not to read e-books on planes because I want to save my battery power for my boarding pass, GPS, and texting.

So I don’t think this is a fair question, but I kind of like that. It’s unfair because we live in a world where audiobooks can be downloaded in minutes even though hardcovers don’t fit in purses. I like that world.

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I totally agree you can’t really ignore weight when weight is totally a thing you think about when traveling. I can say the one pro of digital books is they take up less space but then there is the battery life con. But when I travel I usually bring a new book I haven’t started because then I don’t have to worry about finishing it too early.

I read almost exclusively on my Nook, and holding a physical book feels almost awkward to me. Especially a big Harry Potter book! :)

I must say that lately I buy my purses with size in mind — can I fit a paperback inside, or better yet a hardcover …!

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