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Hello, friends! My name is Lindsay Wilcox. I am a black Catholic woman who loves Jesus, grammar, and Harry Potter (usually in that order). I’m originally from southern Maryland, but my crazy life has taken me to many places around the country and around the world.

For my credentials, I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland (in English) and a master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame (in education). Currently, home is Austin, Texas, but I’ll always be a Maryland girl at heart.

These days, I work for a general contractor (in construction). Previously, I taught high school English in Alabama while earning my master’s degree, and I worked in campus ministry at the University of Texas at Austin. I studied engineering in high school. I have many talents.

I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.

My family shows up in my writing occasionally, but not too often, since I live far from them. I have one younger sister, who’s a recent Maryland grad, and one younger brother, who’s in college. My parents are still married (to each other), and they live in Maryland with most of the rest of my family.

“The things that we love tell us what we are.” —St. Thomas Aquinas

I am Catholic. I try to live out my Catholicism adjective-free: not “devout Catholic,” not “traditional Catholic,” not even “faithful Catholic”—just “Catholic.” Maybe “involved Catholic,” but nothing else.

My religion is extremely important to me. Everything I write here or have ever written online or offline comprises my own opinions, which are not necessarily those of my present or past employers or Catholic organizations to which I belong. I recognize the authority of my local bishops in the Diocese of Austin and of Pope Francis.

I am open and honest about my faith, but I am not trying to convert you. If you’re interested in learning more about the Catholic Church, I would be happy to talk with you. Only you can decide if you want to be converted.

“If ever I should say something that isn’t in conformity with what the Holy Roman Catholic Church holds, it will be through ignorance and not through malice. This can be held as certain, and also that through the goodness of God I always am, and will be, and have been subject to her.” —St. Teresa of Avila

From 2011 to 2017, I wrote reviews every other Tuesday for ATX Catholic. You can find more information and an index of my reviews here.

If you want to know more, ask…or keep reading.

To contact me directly, please use the contact form. I will reply by email.

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