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Apart from my regular work, I publish reviews every other Tuesday for ATX Catholic (formerly Austin Catholic New Media). I choose books, blog posts, essays, and videos based on my relationships with publishers, personal interest, and their potential interest to Catholics in the Diocese of Austin.

By agreement, I can only post excerpts of my reviews here at Lindsay Loves or at Goodreads, although all writing is my own original work.


The majority of the books I review are borrowed from friends, checked out from the public library, or owned by me.

NetGalley Professional Reader
80% Feedback Ratio at NetGalley
NetGalley Challenge 2016

I also receive copies of books from publishers, review organizations (including NetGalley), and booksellers in exchange for my honest reviews. Some of these books are pre-release copies (also known as advance reading copies or ARCs) in paperback or electronic formats. My reviews are not required to be positive. My publication of these reviews may also generate credit to be used toward future purchases from publishers or booksellers. All sponsored reviews are identified both here and at ATX Catholic.

I may also use affiliate links to in my reviews. Any purchases you make after clicking these affiliate links may generate credit to be used toward future purchases at

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