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I welcome your comments on my blog posts (or in general, using the contact form). However, please recognize that I control this particular corner of the Internet. I can delete your comment if I want to; I don’t need to have a reason.

The following rules apply at all times:

  1. Leave a name and email address with your comment. You do not have to use your real name, but if you choose a nickname, it should be a non-offensive nickname. “Anonymous” is okay. I will not display or sell your email address.
  2. If your comment contains obscene or profane language, I will delete it.
  3. Assume that I and other commenters are people of good will. We probably meant the best. Respond to arguments instead of attacking people.
  4. Links to anti-Catholic sites, videos, blogs, etc. will be removed. Feel free to discuss other religions or spirituality, but do not defame mine.
  5. Do not advertise your products or services in your comments. Exceptions may be considered.
  6. Your comment should be related to the post on which you are commenting. If you have a general comment, you can use the contact form.

These rules may be changed or amended at any time and without notice.

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