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Currently: October 2016

Currently at Lindsay Loves

No one in my life died in September. On that basis alone, it was a much better month than August. Other than that, it was pretty neutral.

Here’s what I am currently…

Cheers-ing: I’m glad “toasting” a couple of months ago really did mean “putting in a toaster.” That’s how I answered it. It could have meant this kind, though. I don’t really have anything specific to celebrate at the moment. I have a local wedding towards the end of the month, so there should be some bubbly festivity there.

Organizing: My calendar and task list, as usual. I have a very full schedule until the end of the calendar year. My saving grace is that I’ve been using GTD for over two years now, so I don’t have emergencies so much as new Projects. As long as I write everything down, minimize my inboxes, and review my calendar and task list every day, I’ll be fine. And yes, saying “I am not going to do any of those things on my list because I need a break” is a perfectly acceptable approach to task management. As David Allen says, you have to know what you’re not doing in order to feel comfortable about not doing it.

Dreaming: Of a life with adequate sleep. I have been trying extra-hard since I made it through August to go to bed on time and get up on time. I feel less exhausted than I used to, but I’m struggling with the flip side: I’m not getting as much done as I used to. It is very hard to close up shop and go to bed, especially because I have no human help with getting anything done. (Technology is great. I make the machines work for me as much as possible.) So I’m dealing with the chronological and physical aspects of sleep, but I need help with the emotional part.

Buying: A birthday present for my godson. He lives far away, so I basically never get to see him, but I send presents. He might be the closest thing I ever have to a child of my own. He’s still little, so we can’t write to each other, but presents are a language all kids understand. I try to find a balance among fun gifts, religious gifts, and educational gifts. I would like to think those adjectives also describe my personality. Maybe add “extremely organized” (see item 2 above).

Listening: To a lot of podcasts, as usual. Fr. Mike Schmitz is back at school, so he’s doing a new series, and it is a gem, as usual. I marathoned Catholic Bytes a few weeks ago and got hit between the eyes once or twice. I don’t always agree with Catching Foxes, but I always laugh, and that’s worth something. I also slipped in archived episodes of Productivity Book Group for The 12 Week Year and Making It All Work. I have a long commute.

Recapping: September

  • I didn’t blog much. Something had to give.
  • Mr. Man and I have a tiny two-person book club. Our selections lately have been pretty solid. I reviewed one for ATX Catholic.
  • The heat finally broke, weather-wise. It’s still 87 degrees at 9 p.m., but the mornings have been almost chilly.

So what’s new with you? What are you organizing currently?

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Currently: September 2016

Currently at Lindsay Loves

Oh, hi, September. I was really eager for you to get here because my August was so awful. You’re not great so far, but you’ve got a little while left to turn things around.

Here’s what I am currently…

Reading: Whatever my Goodreads account says I am. My main book right now is Walking with God, which I’m reading with Mr. Man for our tiny two-person book club. Strictly speaking, he’s finished reading. I’m still plodding along slowly, refreshing my memory from the 8-week Bible study version of the same content from several years ago and getting ready for the 24-week version at my parish this month. Salvation history is amazing. I love geeking out with Mr. Man over our insights.

Trying: To keep going. As I said, I struggled through August, and I’m still struggling. I tried some new West Coast Swing moves. Wrist slips are very tricky.

Hoping: Not for a whole lot at the moment. I’m taking things one day at a time, so I guess I’m hoping I get more days in which to try again. Tomorrow is not promised to you.

Decorating: File folders. For my main Labor Day project, I set up a monthly tickler file. (This page has instructions and a ton of photo examples.) It’s part of GTD, but it only works with paper and other physical items, so I got by without one for a while. I bought all my supplies last May (not this past one… the one before that), but I never prioritized actually building the thing. I finally moved it off my Someday/Maybe list and got it done. There isn’t much in it at the moment, but it looks so pretty! I detest color-coding; I love colorful things.

GTD Tickler at Lindsay Loves

Just the middle part. The part in front is files that need purging and relabeling.

To-do Listing: That is not a word. Due to my love of Wunderlist and GTD, my to-do list is technically several lists. I did cross off two noteworthy items last month. I paid off another of my student loans, leaving me with only two left. I needed a win, and my debt snowball was finally large enough. Say what you want about the math; I’m getting out of debt. I also completed one of the monthly syllabi for my West Coast classes that I missed during my first go-round at this level. Learning new material on top of everything else was a challenge, but it was a challenge I could do. And I did.

Recapping: August

  • My grandmother disappeared for just over three weeks. She was found dead just over a week ago. We won’t be able to schedule her funeral for a while.
  • I got a staph infection and folliculitis at the same time. I’m better now.
  • Mr. Man’s family also went through some tough times.
  • I was slammed at work, which made all of the above a lot more difficult.
  • It was my birthday. I celebrated quietly and unremarkably.

August was a tough month. I am glad that it’s over. What’s new with you? What projects are you finishing currently?

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Currently: August 2016

Currently at Lindsay Loves

The worst part about adulting is that I’m not on a school year calendar, so summer doesn’t feel any different than the rest of the year. Except that it’s hot. I feel the heat.

Here’s what I am currently…

Hearting: Mr. Man, again and still. ;) Our visit in Houston was delightful. I also remembered how much I heart breakfast. I never have any reason to cook real breakfast food for myself, I almost never go to IHOP despite loving it and living near one, and I am never up and out early enough for brunch on weekends. But we went to brunch at Black Walnut Cafe, and it was delicious.

Watching: The last few episodes of the just-finished season of Bones. I’ve only been watching new episodes since Bones was pregnant the first time, but I’ve been hooked since then. I’m convinced that David Boreanaz has found the fountain of youth. I accidentally saw a spoiler of the finale, and wow! It’s kind of nice because I can see how they set up the plot twist in these last few episodes. I’ll be sad to see it go, but I’m excited to see how they finally, officially wrap it all up.

Exploring: The boundaries of time usage. After settling into GTD, creating my Life Plan, and reading 168 Hours, I have been very focused on the way I spend my time. What can I actually, honestly accomplish in a day? One hour? Fifteen minutes? Am I planning for realistic travel times? How long do I spend scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook? Is it better or worse to underplan my days? If I can’t manage all of this while I am unmarried and have no children, there’s not much hope for the future.

Creating: A solution to temporary contract binding. My job involves a lot of hard-copy contracts of various sizes. One recent batch is so large that even the largest binder clip cannot contain it all. So I dug around in our office supplies for something that might work (besides a rubber band). I settled on an expanding file pocket. It’s not perfect, but it is big enough, with room for expansion.

Eating: Bell peppers! I love the red ones, so I keep an eye on them all year for sales. I once bought them two for a dollar. The yellow and orange ones were on sale, too, so I bought all the colors and made so, so many fajitas. I decided to try out tray freezing with my second batch. It worked; they’re frozen. I haven’t cooked with those yet. In the meantime, I like the way they brighten up my freezer. Fun fact: Green and red bell peppers are the same vegetable. They change colors as they mature! They start green, which is why those are cheaper and more bitter. Then they turn red, which is why some underripe red peppers have patches of green.

Recapping: July

  • As mentioned, I went to Houston to see Mr. Man.
  • I got a diagnosis for a health problem I’ve been ignoring for a long time. It’s not contagious, and I’m not dying. It is kind of a big deal, though, so it deserves more blog focus than just a quick take or a recap. Watch this space.
  • I published another Wunderlist + GTD post. This one was mostly about inbox zero, though.
  • I made my own stereo when the old one died. It’s going okay so far.

So what’s new with you? What are you exploring currently?

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Currently: July 2016

Currently at Lindsay Loves

I am not ready for it to be July yet. I was also not ready for it to be Thursday. I’m glad it’s not the 6th anymore, though. I write the date on things all day long at work, and I’m one of those people who does all numerals and slashes, so I had serious trouble with 6/6/16 and 7/6/16. So many lines and slashes! Can we get to August already? I don’t think 8’s will be quite as confusing.

Here’s what I am currently…

Toasting: Bagels. Same as always. I eat a bagel for breakfast almost every day. I am a butterer, not a cream cheeser. And these days, I can only have them toasted. For some bizarre reason, our thermostat defaults to 79 or 80 in the summer. I haven’t figured out how to change the default (we rent), so I just override it manually when I get home and before I go to bed. The heat makes the pantry so warm that my bagels kept getting moldy, so I started keeping them in the fridge. No one likes a fridge-cold bagel, so I have to toast them first. No room-temp bagel eating until winter. I do, however, love fridge-cold french fries.

Going: That’s more of a “where” than a “what.” #grammarhammer I am not a “week away” vacation kind of girl. I much prefer using a day here or there for a short road trip (like when I saw my heavenly BFF St. Maria Goretti last fall) or to attend an out-of-town wedding. And since I go home for Christmas, I have to save up days all the way until the end of the year. So I haven’t been going much of anywhere, and I’m okay with that. I do have another visit to Mr. Man scheduled soon, though. That should be pretty delightful.

Smelling: Grossness. We got a new dishwasher, and I hoped that would solve the mysterious dirty dishes problem. Things weren’t really getting clean. Without that essential quality, a dishwasher is just a cabinet with lots of organization and a weird door. I’m also tired of seeing obvious fingerprints and lip prints on our glasses. I wear tinted lip balm, and I reuse my water glass several times, but I’ve never had this problem before. Maybe it is “operator error,” as we say at work. The new dishwasher also seems to have an excellent seal, such that it holds dirty-dish smells exceptionally well. Should we be running it more often? We try to wait until it’s full, which can take a week. (We don’t always eat at home.) That wasn’t a problem when I lived alone and ran my dishwasher probably every 10 days or so. More operator error?

Wearing: Shorts. I gave up shorts completely several years ago. I have unusually long thighs (that’s what makes me so tall), so when trends moved towards 3-inch inseams, I opted out. After several long, hot years, bermudas came back in style, and I was a happy camper again. We had uncharacteristically mild weather in both winter and spring here, so the rush of summer was even more unsettling than usual. Welcome back, A/C, my old friend.

Wishlisting: Didn’t we just have this one? (Yes.) My new computer is fantastic. Now I need a new laptop sleeve. For my previous laptop, I bought one that matched the cute design on the laptop lid itself. The new one is just slate gray, so I have basically limitless possibilities. Any brand recommendations?

Recapping: June

I knew June would be a very full month, but it’s intimidating to look back at it now! So what’s new with you? What are you smelling currently?

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Currently: June 2016

Currently at Lindsay Loves

Here’s what I am currently…

Planning: What don’t I plan? I managed to complete the first draft of my Life Plan when I was off work for Memorial Day. It’s meant to be a living document, so I’m technically not finished with it until I’m dead. It’s a challenge to even think of it as “finished for now,” though. I’m following the method from Living Forward as closely as possible, so I have to reread my plan every day. It’s tempting to revise it a little bit every time I read it! I need to focus on putting it into action. Revising the plan is not one of the actions in the plan.

Enjoying: I enjoy a lot of things, thanks be to God. Joy is kind of my thing. (See my tag line.) Two things I’ve especially enjoyed lately are the abundance of Lindsay-friendly clues in J!6 and listening to podcasts while cleaning the house. I usually clean in silence or while singing (since running water and the vacuum cleaner won’t drown me out; I’ll just stop if necessary), but it turns out that noise-canceling earbuds work just as well. The time passed much more quickly than usual.

Buying: Cheese. My friend throws laid-back Cards Against Humanity parties at her house pretty often, so she has acquired a ton of wine and had to ask people to stop bringing it. Her suggestion was to bring cheese instead. When she first made that suggestion, I was ultimately not able to go to the party, so I ate my Colby Jack cheese cubes myself. In addition to being delicious, they also fended off my “just got home and need to cook dinner but WANT FOOD IN MY BELLY” hunger much better than carbs, my usual snacking mainstay. So now I keep cheese cubes on hand, and my world is a smidge more delicious.

Craving: Sleep! I don’t sleep enough, but I’ve been putting in a huge effort to sleep more over the past few weeks. Every time I can get just 15 or 20 extra minutes in on a weeknight, it makes a significant difference. I can only imagine where I’d be if I managed to multiply that a few times.

Pinning: I know I need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but “more” is not a useful quantity. I also know I overeat other things. Eating out of containers is so easy and so terrible! So I pinned a visual guide to fruit and veggie servings, getting it out of my Downloads folder once and for all:

Recapping: May

So what’s new with you? What are you currently planning?

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Currently: May 2016

Currently at Lindsay Loves

I finally got around to whipping up my custom image! Here’s what I am currently…

Celebrating: Six months dating Mr. Man. We have unfortunately been separated for almost all of that time. Long-distance relationships are tough; everyone knows that, and we knew it going in. (Well, I did. I can’t really speak for him. Mind-reading is not among my special skills.) It has, however, been a spectacular half-year, and I am looking forward to the future. (Yes, that’s vague, but this is a blog; it’s like a billboard.)

Reading: Lots of articles in Pocket. Pocket connects with several dozen apps, most of which allow you to read elsewhere what you’ve saved in Pocket. Part of the point of saving things to Pocket is using its customized, stripped-down reading experience, though, so I generally read in Pocket (or Feedly). I decided to try one app, though, ReadRuler. It assess your reading speed and adds tags to your articles in Pocket with the amount of time it will take to read them. It’s not perfect, but it’s quite accurate, and it’s much faster than measuring every article’s reading time any other way. I’ve been zipping through the short ones!

Pondering: Big decisions. A recent mini-retreat reminded me of that. As I mentioned on Sunday, I’m coming up to some important choices that I need to ponder, discern, and reflect upon. (Yes, that’s vague, too.) I recently purchased a new computer (as mentioned in last month’s Currently) and started using the new version of YNAB, and those took so much brainpower and effort that I will definitely need more brainpower, effort, focus, and prayer for the other things.

Sipping: Arnold Palmer. If you like lemon in your tea, you need meet my friend Arnold. He’s half lemonade, half iced tea, and all delicious. It’s one of my favorite drinks to order (or mix for myself) when I’m not drinking alcohol. I discovered it when one of my mom’s coworkers ordered one when they were out for a work lunch. “I don’t think we’re supposed to be ordering drinks,” my mom whispered, in that way moms do so well. Little did she know that Mr. Palmer is a family-friendly beverage.

Going: To Chicago! I can tell that Sarah is the best because she doesn’t mind that I only come to see her when I am in town for another reason. #budgetlife I visited her last fall when I went to a wedding, and now I have made plans to visit her again while Mr. Man is conveniently working in the suburbs. I’m very excited for my two best friends to meet each other.

Recapping: April

  • I attended two West Coast Swing workshops with the amazing Jordan & Tatiana, plus another all-WCS dance party.
  • I went to my second baptism of the year and my first baby shower of the year. The latter will, of course, lead to a third baptism. Maybe this will be the Year of Many Baptisms that followed the Year of Many Weddings. (Not all the same couples, though. Some got started on the baby-having a little earlier.)
  • I went to part of the ATX Catholic retreat, which was the best idea I’ve had in ages (going to it, not putting on the retreat).

So what’s new with you? What are you sippin’ on currently?

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Currently: March 2016

The "Currently" Hostesses

Two months in a row! After the triumphant return of What I Wore Sunday, I am a happy link-up-loving blogger. Here’s what I am currently…

Wishing: For a little more winter. To be clear, I do not wish dangerous winter weather upon anyone. I am very sensitive to cold, but I love getting to wear sweaters. My wardrobe options multiply! My scarf was knit for me by an old friend, so I think about her when I wear it, and I like the way the air smells when everything that would be stinky is frozen and dead. I’ve lived in Austin for five and a half years, and it has snowed on exactly two days in that time (twice in the same winter, right after I got here). Back home, we have seasons. I miss seasons!

Craving: Nothing special. I had a hankering for some of the ice cream I’d been keeping in the freezer for chocolate or emotional emergencies, but then I finally ate it last week. No emergency. So that’s over.

Going: A little bit crazy at work. The last two weeks of the month is when most of my work hits, and sometimes it spills over into the beginning of the next. Having a short month (despite Leap Day) did not help matters. Our accounting system transition from the fall is still causing serious snags in my workflow, and we’re getting ready for another phase soon. I’m bracing myself against the slings and arrows.

Wearing: My spring/summer clothes, which are basically year-round clothes now. Le sigh. I call this the fashion hazard of living in Austin. I am glad that taking up West Coast Swing took off some weight; I needed to be in better shape anyway. I’m not so glad that the clothes I bought for my larger-sized self no longer fit. I guess I’ve reached a life stage where I have to start keeping multiple sizes around. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Learning: About life planning. It’s one of my goals for this Lent, and I’m still fairly confident about accomplishing it. I’ve been gathering some great resources, including Michael Hyatt’s new book, Living Forward. I have an event-filled weekend coming up, but I’m hoping to still be able to squeeze out some time before Easter to really settle down and dig in. I did an experiment recently of shoving everything out of my temporal space to fit some relational and spiritual things in, and each time was very fruitful. Now I need to fit in some experiential things.

Recapping: February

It was a short month, so I have a short recap list. What’s new with you? What are you learning currently?

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