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Booking Through Thursday: Author


If you were going to write a book, what kind of book would it be? (If you’re an author already, what kind of book would you like to write that you haven’t written yet?)

Oh, writing. One of my greatest loves and one of my greatest sources of frustration.

Like many book lovers, I have tried to write a book many times. Off the top off my head, I remember a short series about a group of witches at school together (this was before Harry Potter, because I read Witch Week first), some Harry Potter fanfiction (before I knew that fanfiction was a thing), a super-plagiarized screenplay, and pieces of other unfinished stories. Most of them were not good, and none of them should ever see the light of day again.

The key to that is unfinished. Starting stories is easy. Finishing is the hard part.

In college, I was invited into a humanities program for which I had to complete a capstone project. We had the most beautiful leeway to design our own projects, but since it was for a class (two, actually) and a grade, we had advising and deliverables on deadlines. Structure saved me. I read and researched short story collections and the craft of writing extensively, developed my own writing challenge, wrote six short stories fulfilling my own challenge, and turned them in on time. It was marvelous, and difficult, and rewarding.

These days, I’m not working on anything concrete. My most recent blogging commitments are going well, and they’ve piqued my interest in writing fiction again. Experience has taught me that books carry more significance, but short stories are my jam. My real life is fine, but if I break free of the chains of realism, there’s no telling what I could produce.

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