Hello, world!

I did it!!! After perusing the Net for all the different types of blogs available, I got myself a blog. I don’t intend to post just anything here, though. Just the things that I don’t mind people knowing about. Which, considering that I’m not much of a talker, is a surprising amount of stuff. So, let me start this blog by introducing myself.

My real name starts with an L, but that’s all I’ll say. My most-used nickname is Linz, so that’s what I’ll use here.(Way too many cyber-stalkers out there to give away too much personal info.) I’m a not-so-average teen girl. (I’m almost 16! My birthday’s coming up soon!) I love reading and writing (including fanfiction), the Net, tv, movies, and music. I’ve played the piano for 5 years, and I played the flute for 3. (Had to give it up. *sigh*)

So, that’s it for my intro. Come back soon and see what’s new with me. :)

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