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I was talking to my sixteen year-old brother about [whether the man or woman should propose] the other day in the car and he said that, “Oh, yeah, guys always do the asking– it gives them the illusion that they’re making the decision. Guys are never the ones making the decision, it’s a fact of life.” –Quintrisha

The Good Ship sailors (and their families) are so smart sometimes. =)


Darn! Lost another entry. Must remember to push the “post” button before I tweak my template.

Had mucho fun at the movies last night. We went to see “Signs” with another school-friend, Shadonna. (Turns out she’s moving and transferring to my old school — how’s that for a coincidence?) It was really good. The same guy that wrote-and-directed “The Sixth Sense” made this one, so I guess that makes sense. It was scary, but in the way that it was really creepy. It was funny, too, which made up for the screaming and gasping and “Omigosh” moments. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but it’s totally worth your cash. Just don’t see it alone. *cue creepy movie music and thunder* ;)

Many thanks to Niki for being the first person I actually know to review my fic online. I’m even more proud of it, now that I know my friends like it. I’m still undecided as to whether I should attempt another chapter, though. There are so many fairy tales that could be “The Princess Diaries”-ified. Or should I try a different style? What do you think, o wise readers? =)


So much to say, so little time… I’ve suddenly forgotten everything I planned to write about, so I’ll just wing it. Homecoming is this weekend. I debated going to the dance, but I decided not to. Megan and Stephanie and I are planning on going to the movies instead. I figure, if we’re not going to go dance to loud music, why not go do something else fun? Don’t know what we’re going to see yet, have to hop over to Moviefone. (Ahh, the Internet, how I love thee.) ;)

Dr. J decided to make the Chapter 4 Physics homework count as our test grade as well. And, he worked out slightly altered versions of the problems, so I should be okay. We spent the whole class period copying triangles, vectors, sigmas, etc. He said he wants to spend Monday “making sure everyone understands.” It was the general opinion that if he wants us all to understand, we’re going to be in class for a very long time. I find that I understand Physics more than I thought I would. It’s had, but not impossible. Of course, school in general had never been incredibly hard for me. I like to write, and that’s 80% of school right there.

Must get more driving practice this weekend. With Dad. *sigh* I know I have to get out and practice at some point, but it’s kind of scary. How do people do that all the time? I can’t be the only person having trouble with this, though. Right?

Must dash. Gotta catch up with the Good Ship before bed. Just one more thing. I think the link might have gotten lost on the page somewhere, but I posted a fic to sometime last week. I’m proud of it, but I have only gotten two reviews so far, which makes me feel unloved. Please go read it and review. Constructive criticism is welcome and much appreciated. =)


Not much time to blog today. Not much to say, anyway. Went to Waldorf today with my mom. I wandered around Borders while she was in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Saw Greg. Then we went to the mall, but only to Kohl’s. Saw Ian and Choi. Got more clothes. Came home and did homework, then fixed computer — just by shutting it down. (Really, Mom, what would you do without me?)

See? I wasn’t kidding when I said I didn’t have much to say today. Got another quiz result to post, though. Taking quizzes online is so much more fun when you’ve got a place to post the neat little graphics. =)

Take the ‘Which HP fan fiction site are you?’quiz by Hazel

The Sugar Quill is for HP fanfic, mostly R/Hr. Of course, I sail on the Good Ship, so I was most pleased to get this one. TTFN.

Edit: Darn, the pic isn’t linking right. Maybe it’ll work later.


Quiz time again!

Darn. Not that I’m against H/G, but that wasn’t what I wanted, so I went and grabbed this one, too.

Yay! We believe in trees! *waves R/Hr flags, to the bewilderment of non-FA guests* =)


Went to watch Courtney cheerlead today on Andrews. Dad let me drive home.

When will I be able to describe my driving episodes without using the words “big” and “mistake”?

We got home in one piece, as is evident because I’m writing this blog entry right now. I’m still having trouble braking and making turns and such. I think my dad might be contirbuting to that. He told me, “When I tell you to do something, you have to do it.” Duh! What does he think I’m doing? When he says “brake”, I brake. I don’t speed up or turn. That would be something to complain about. I’m still learning how much to brake and when. I know I’m not supposed to speed up until I’ve finished my turn. He acts so surprised when I don’t speed up when he expects me to. I didn’t think I was finished turning yet. I hadn’t straightened out. Would he prefer it if I sped up while in the middle of my turn?

This is going to be harder than I thought. Not that I thought it’d be easy, but still… He can’t quite grasp the fact that he’s been driving for, like, 25 years, and I’ve been driving for all of four weeks. This is still new for me. He can’t expect me to be perfect right away. When he tells me to do something and I screw it up, I remember it. For next time. If I could, I’d go back and redo whatever it was. But I can’t. So he has to live with it.

My dad has a very short temper. He won’t yell at me, cause that wouldn’t help at all, but I can tell he gets frustrated. I’m supposed to be practicing. I’m supposed to be learning from my mistakes. Which I am. It’s not a good feeling to be desperately trying to do something you’re not good at, and failing every time. This is too much. I hate how I’m so sensitive, I just start crying out of nowhere. I can’t help it. If I could, I would. Crying makes me feel stupid and childish. Which is not so great for my confidence about driving.

I need to go out with Mom. Not that it’ll be any easier, but I have to do something. This is going to be a really freakin’ long four months.


Sometimes computers really suck. Especially last night. I was catching up on the Good Ship, and checking my email for the first time in almost a week, and then my computer froze. Damn Windows…

Anyway, I’ll try to pick up from where I was before I froze. I was incredibly tired on Wednesday. I had school, of course, and then It’s Academic, then Back to School Night (which was a total waste of time, by the way), and then homework. I didn’t get to bed until just after midnight, which is *way* late for me. And made me grouchy(er) in the morning.

No locker yet, but I decided to give up and put my books in the tiny locker in Mr. Avondet’s room. I have Energy Systems there. Right now, we’ve taken apart lawnmower engines, and we’re putting them back together now. It has to run, or we fail that project. I found that I don’t mind having oily hands as much as I though I would. Plus, the It’s Academic captain, Mark, works across from me and my partner. His group is ahead, so I get to watch when they screw up, so we won’t make the same mistake. And Mark’s a really great guy.

The Physics test yesterday was, by far, the strangest one I’ve ever taken. Dr. J left the practice test on the board, so we could use it for formulas on the test. The real test was *exactly* like the practice one, only with different numbers. I have Physics eighth period, so I guess he’d changed his strategy by then. Not only did he help people personally, he let us talk and help each other. It was more like a worksheet than a test. I’m sure he knew everyone (including me – yay!) would get an A, but I haven’t the foggiest idea *why* he’d do something like that. Teachers. *sigh* =)

Saw my guestbook. Squee! People are signing it! I feel so loved. Vince, I totally intended to read LoTR, but I got bored during The Hobbit and quit early. But LoTR comes highly recommended, even among my HP friends, so I suppose I’ll have to give the trilogy a try. Oh, and I use Yahoo!Messenger now — IM me sometime (jazmin8403).

Gotta run. Piano lessons in about twenty minutes, and I have to walk to my teacher’s house. But I’ll be back. =)

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