Auuggggggggghhhh!!!! What is it with things lately? I was just attempting to finish my AP Physics homework, and decided to take a break to get on the Net. It doesn’t help that we haven’t really gone over these things in class. I only realized just now that there are formulas that can be used for all the problems, and they’re in the book. I feel stupid, partly because I didn’t think to read the book before attempting the problems (our notes in class are just plain confusing), and partly because I don’t really understand it. Any of it. I get the math, and changing the units, and all that, but not the actual physics of it. Does that make any sense?

I still don’t get it. And I’m not really sure what to do, since we have the test tomorrow. I think AP Physics may be my hardest class this year, especially if it keeps on like this. And I have it eighth period: the last class of the day, during which students are traditionally noisy, restless, tired, hungry (at least I am — I have second period lunch), and ready to go home. Not ready to learn. Sometimes willing, but not ready.

Why me?

In other Linz-related news, I went to the orthodontist this morning. I have a stubborn baby tooth that’s gotta be pulled. Not a big deal. The big deal is that I may have to get braces to fix the other teeth. Braces!!! That ruined my mood for the whole day. I don’t care if they’ll only be on for six months! They won’t get around to it until, like, March at this rate, and I refuse to take senior pictures with braces. >:( *seething with anger*

Then, I went to volunteer at one of the polls, the one where my grandma’s a judge. I got stuck outside, in the hot sun, handing out fliers (to be p.c.: election literature) to the voters. It wasn’t too bad, though. Just the fact that I got stuck doing that for 3 hours. Oh well. 23 hours down, 13 to go. TTFN.

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