Sometimes computers really suck. Especially last night. I was catching up on the Good Ship, and checking my email for the first time in almost a week, and then my computer froze. Damn Windows…

Anyway, I’ll try to pick up from where I was before I froze. I was incredibly tired on Wednesday. I had school, of course, and then It’s Academic, then Back to School Night (which was a total waste of time, by the way), and then homework. I didn’t get to bed until just after midnight, which is *way* late for me. And made me grouchy(er) in the morning.

No locker yet, but I decided to give up and put my books in the tiny locker in Mr. Avondet’s room. I have Energy Systems there. Right now, we’ve taken apart lawnmower engines, and we’re putting them back together now. It has to run, or we fail that project. I found that I don’t mind having oily hands as much as I though I would. Plus, the It’s Academic captain, Mark, works across from me and my partner. His group is ahead, so I get to watch when they screw up, so we won’t make the same mistake. And Mark’s a really great guy.

The Physics test yesterday was, by far, the strangest one I’ve ever taken. Dr. J left the practice test on the board, so we could use it for formulas on the test. The real test was *exactly* like the practice one, only with different numbers. I have Physics eighth period, so I guess he’d changed his strategy by then. Not only did he help people personally, he let us talk and help each other. It was more like a worksheet than a test. I’m sure he knew everyone (including me – yay!) would get an A, but I haven’t the foggiest idea *why* he’d do something like that. Teachers. *sigh* =)

Saw my guestbook. Squee! People are signing it! I feel so loved. Vince, I totally intended to read LoTR, but I got bored during The Hobbit and quit early. But LoTR comes highly recommended, even among my HP friends, so I suppose I’ll have to give the trilogy a try. Oh, and I use Yahoo!Messenger now — IM me sometime (jazmin8403).

Gotta run. Piano lessons in about twenty minutes, and I have to walk to my teacher’s house. But I’ll be back. =)

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