So much to say, so little time… I’ve suddenly forgotten everything I planned to write about, so I’ll just wing it. Homecoming is this weekend. I debated going to the dance, but I decided not to. Megan and Stephanie and I are planning on going to the movies instead. I figure, if we’re not going to go dance to loud music, why not go do something else fun? Don’t know what we’re going to see yet, have to hop over to Moviefone. (Ahh, the Internet, how I love thee.) ;)

Dr. J decided to make the Chapter 4 Physics homework count as our test grade as well. And, he worked out slightly altered versions of the problems, so I should be okay. We spent the whole class period copying triangles, vectors, sigmas, etc. He said he wants to spend Monday “making sure everyone understands.” It was the general opinion that if he wants us all to understand, we’re going to be in class for a very long time. I find that I understand Physics more than I thought I would. It’s had, but not impossible. Of course, school in general had never been incredibly hard for me. I like to write, and that’s 80% of school right there.

Must get more driving practice this weekend. With Dad. *sigh* I know I have to get out and practice at some point, but it’s kind of scary. How do people do that all the time? I can’t be the only person having trouble with this, though. Right?

Must dash. Gotta catch up with the Good Ship before bed. Just one more thing. I think the link might have gotten lost on the page somewhere, but I posted a fic to FF.net sometime last week. I’m proud of it, but I have only gotten two reviews so far, which makes me feel unloved. Please go read it and review. Constructive criticism is welcome and much appreciated. =)

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