It’s been a busy week. Well, sort of. I really should come here more often, because there’s usually some things I want to say, and then I forget what they are by the time I get around to blogging. So, I’ll start at the present and work my way backwards.

But first, a moment of giddiness: Only 43 more days until Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. Back to business. I finally asked Dr. J about retaking the first AP Physics test. He gave me a copy and told me to use whatever resources I needed (including asking him) to get an A this time. I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but I like it, so I’m not complaining. I worked through it before I got online, and I’ll check with some people tomorrow, but I think I’ll do much better this time around.

School is picking up. I should really be doing more research for my World History paper (it’s on the Italian Renaissance), but I haven’t been to the Good Ship in days, and I feel like slacking a little. The questions from It’s Academic yesterday were much harder than usual. I answered a total of two questions. I got the first one wrong, and the second one right (it was about Annie Oakley), so I just about broke even. There was another meeting today, but I didn’t check for a ride, so I skipped it.

There was another mini-recital on Monday. My piano teacher is a little… eccentric, but I’m doing okay. When I have time to practice, that is. I played a short Chopin, a short Beethoven, and a neat song called “Clarinet Blues.” I did okay, except for my usual problem.

See, when I have to do things in front of people, including, but not limited to, giving speeches and playing piano, I get nervous. I know I can do it, because I’ve practiced, but my hands start to shake and get all sweaty for some reason. I don’t understand it, and I probably never will, but at least I’m not surprised when it happens. The worst thing is that it is very difficult to play piano (well) with shaky hands. I didn’t shake as much on Monday as I usually do, but there were definite mini-tremors going on.

There are so many things about myself I don’t understand. But I try. TTFN. =)

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