Just got back from my piano lesson. My teacher has a cat now, so that was interesting. She tried to get me to hold him up to the piano, for a Kodak moment, but he was fighting and I didn’t want to hurt him. Then her son showed up, and she got the picture. It was really cute, and you couldn’t see his hands at all.

On my way back in, I took a quick detour into the backyard. We have a really small backyard, but it has a million trees. I went out to check and see if the flowers my grandmother gave me for my birthday were still alive, but I couldn’t find them. Maybe no one planted them. Anyway, at first I thought the nuts on the ground were chestnuts, which would have been cool, but they turned out to just be acorns.

I know that last paragraph seems sort of… odd. It’s just that I’m such an inside person, I never take time to go out and enjoy nature, even as small a piece of nature as my backyard. I took a word association test yesterday, and one of the words was “nature”, which I immediately chose as “positive”. (I figured I should at least visit nature, if I think it’s so positive.) The test gives you 25 words, and you have to mark them as positive, negative, or neutral. Then, it summarizes the results and gives you a list of the things you “have issues with”. I won’t post mine, because I’m not ready to share that with the world. But if you go take it, and you know me, you’ll probably be able to figure out which thing I have the most issues with, and understand why I’m not telling. If you don’t know me, stay and read some more of my blog. That’s what it’s for, to let people see me all the time for who I really am. =)

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